40 technologies from the past that seem straight from our time


As you’ve seen, technology is constantly evolving, so the fantasies of our favorite science fiction films seem to materialize in the years to come. The craze for technical progress, however, is not a new invention. Throughout its history, man has made constant efforts to improve in all areas, which is due to completely incredible inventions and due to the time for certain eras. Today we invite you to discover 40 futuristic technologies from “time immemorial”.

# 1 In 1955, this little electric train was installed in a tunnel in New York City to control traffic speed.

# 2 a Kodak K-24 camera used by the Americans for aerial photography during World War II

# 3 The oldest diving suit in the world from 1860: “The old Gentleman”

# 4 motorized ice skates, California, 1961

# 5 the WHirlpool Robo-Vac, an automatic vacuum cleaner, 1959

# 6 The isolator “, by Hugo Gernsback: A helmet to isolate the senses from any distraction, from the journal Science et Invention, Volume 13, No. 3, July 1925

# 7 A British couple sleep in a “Morrison Shelter” that served as protection against collapsing houses during the “Blitz” bombs of World War II in March 1941

# 8 A 300 year old library device that a researcher could use to open seven books at once, Palafoxiana Library, Puebla.

# 9 A zeppelin on rails next to a steam train. Berlin, Germany, 1931

# 10 A man with a duckling, a massive rifle used for duck hunting. He could kill over 50 birds at the same time. It was banned in the late 1860s

# 11 TV glasses from the 1960s. Decades before Google glasses.

# 12 The Hindenburg takes shape, 1932.

# 13 This “device” is designed to help build leg muscles

# 14 1911: Chester Mcduffee and his aluminum alloy wetsuit weighing 200 kg.

# 15 Motorola Vice President John F. Mitchell shows the first Dynatac cell phone in New York in 1973

# 16 Single-wheel motorcycle, Germany, 1925

# 17 Jay Ohrberg’s “Double Wide” limousine. The one who also created the super limo “American Dream”

# 18 A tsar’s tank: Lebedenko tank, 1915

# 19 The Antarctic snow cruiser. The vehicle was to provide living space and laboratories for five expedition scientists. Unfortunately, it was abandoned due to lack of grip on snow.

# 20 Orgone accumulator, a device sold in the 1950s for a person sitting inside to attract orgone, an “energy of life”.

# 21 Pilots of the 8th US Bomber Command with oxygen masks and flight goggles at high altitude, 1942.

Forging press No. 22 in the Krupp factory, Germany, 1928.

# 23 A flat panel television (only 4 inches thick) with a device for recording television programs for future viewing.

# 24 A 5MB hard drive loaded on an airplane, 1956

# 25 Swiss multi-blade knife made in Germany, 1880.

# 26 ahead of its time

# 27 Polish policeman in assault gear, 1934

# 28 A giant Italian cannon captured by the Austro-Hungarians during the Battle of Caporetto in November 1917

# 29 This car is a “Delahaye 175 Roadster” that was presented at the 1949 Paris Motor Show. Only one copy was made. It was recently auctioned for around $ 5 million.

# 30 The first digital image in history, 1957

# 31 of the “Mercury” train crosses New York, 1936.

# 32 Morris and Salom’s Electrobats outside the former Metropolitan Opera House on Manhattan 39th Street in 1898. Electrobats are electric cars that became the first taxis in New York City

# 33 An American tank called “America”, designed by Professor Ef Miller from 1918

# 34 an automatic shuttle, January 1971.

# 35 The Sea Shadow – A stealth ship built for the U.S. Navy to test new surface ship technologies. 1980.

# 36 A pull-out trailer built in 1934 by an unknown French engineer.

# 37 The Concorde cockpit. One of the most complex cockpits in history.

# 38 The fuselage of a Hughes Hercules, the largest seaplane ever built, 1945.

# 39 A Royal Flying Corps student pilot exercises distraction fire from a rail-mounted mobile platform that was launched at high speed in Egypt on July 17, 1918.

# 40 A robot cop, 1967.