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40 Tasteless Interior Design And Architecture Fails (Part 2)

On January 18th we suggested you to discover 30 tasteless interior design and architecture mistakes. The fact is that you liked the concept so much that a month later we are repeating the operation, not with 30 new bugs, but with 40. And they are all worse than the others.

1) one trash can with this logo is fine, but three…

2) Thanks to these toilets you will get rid of your modesty

3) when your boss thinks you’re so stupid that he marked the doorway area on the floor

4) The design of these doors displaying the restrooms in an airport has left more than one traveler speechless

5) Decoration in a hotel that gives free rein to the imagination

6) When your favorite toy as a child now takes a different shape in adulthood

7) the painting seen in a restaurant bathroom

8) An ideal toilet cubicle for voyeurists

9) the chairs in the entrance of a clinic that performs eye laser surgery

10) Toilets in a meeting room to show up in front of your colleagues

11) a painting sketching a sun…or something else

12) very, very open toilets

13) a fountain in a mall: everyone thinks it’s a bench and sits on it

14) The design of these toilets is not necessarily tasteful

15) Trompe-l’oeil wooden staircase: ideal for a discreet farewell to your mother-in-law

16) a special design and color choice for women-only toilets

17) a fake escalator just to destabilize you

18) a bench that’s downright uncomfortable wherever you are

19) All the stairs and the entrance of this school lead to the same place: total chaos

20) a watch said to have “exploded” in design unless that’s the adjective to qualify it

21) No, it’s not about rust or stains, it’s about the decor chosen for this toilet

22) in this school the over 1m70 are sometimes very annoyed

23) a painting featured in a gourmet restaurant that doesn’t really make us want to sit down to eat

24) These stairs that lead straight to a wall

25) this door containing a door: a whole concept

26) These escalators in Russia are unique in the world

27) Very disturbing and not at all centered chandelier

28) the record that drives the whole world crazy

29) Transparent toilets so everyone knows what you’re doing in them

30), a London restaurant offers a “cabin restaurant” to make dining feel as cramped as on the train

31) it is not hair or hair, but the symptom of a certain taste in the field of decoration

32) It’s not really the kind of fixture one likes to find in restrooms

33) everyone is wrong at least once

34) Mirror above the toilet, a must

35), this artificial crocodile sticking out of the ground has caused many ankle sprains

36) a mirror showing anything and everything (it hurts to think you have to clean it every day)

37) This bike path that looks like it’s only for stunt performers

38) a parking lot for people with disabilities, ultimately inaccessible to them

39) A leaking Minion shower gel bottle is creepy

40) to visit the entrails of an elephant, it’s here

And if you missed it, here is our previous article with other errors.


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