40 really trashy children’s coloring variants (part 2)

If some children’s drawings, which are inherently harmless, can seem incredibly perverse to us, coloring is also a mandatory stage of childhood. They allow you to learn to color without overdoing it while having fun while doing it. Today we invite you to discover the best coloring pages for kids.

Childhood destruction in 3 …, 2 …, 1 …

A Reddit user, who can be seen under the pseudonym ColoringCorruptions, had fun identifying the best kidnappings of children’s colors. Internet users have taken pictures from cartoons or pop culture, colored them and turned them into a drawing that is much more adult, sometimes trashy, but always hilarious.

# 1 “Finish the Puppy and Kitten Heads”

# 2 Bob Ross

# 3 letters of the day “LSD”

# 4 Daenerys and her dragon

# 5 Workosaurus by day / Fabrosaurus by night

Fabrosaurus sounds like “fabulous” in English, which means fabulous, great.

# 6 Freddie Mercury

# 7 “Michonne is a beautiful zombie killer who rocks”

Instead of “Princess Tiana is a beautiful bride”.

# 8th

# 9 “Silence in the bookstore”

# 10 gay frogs

“And on the eighth day, God made all frogs gay frogs to troll homophobes.”

God: “Hello, if you step on one, you will be gay too! Haha”

Homophobic: “And shit!”

# 11 YMCA

# 12 “Epstein didn’t kill himself”

“Epstein didn’t kill himself”

# 13 Mr Fly

# 14 Mankini Spider-Man

# 15 Voldemort with a mustache

“A Harry Potter coloring book, except I made Voldemort as Steve Harvey.”

# 16 Bald eagle symbol of America

“Eagles are the most magnificent birds of prey.”

# 17 Rapunzel x Lara Croft

# 18

“Think, think, think! Draw what Winnie is looking at.

Browse the Louvre and see works of art.
Consider the craftsmanship and intelligence of r / coloringcorruptions. “

# 19 Winnie the Pooh and drugs

# 20 Merry Christmas!

# 21 Using the Necronomicon

# 22 “Finish drawing the lion”

# 23 “Pray every day!”

# 24 Water plants

“Draw the plants Winnie is watering.”

# 25 2020 was a difficult year for everyone

# 26 Danny DeVito

“Draw a picture of someone special that you will include in your prayers.”

# 27 Pikachu

# 28 Spider-Man in Mankini

# 29 Warrior Jasmine

# 30 Miss Doby

# 31 Jasmine and the Genie realistic version

# 32 Super Mario Travelo version

# 33 “Finish your superstar outfit”

# 34 Alice in Wonderland

# 35

# 36 “work”

# 37 A unicorn is going downhill

# 38 Carlo Trash version

# 39 “This is a fucking mess”

# 40 A young pro-Trump activist

If you enjoyed this article, you are sure to discover or rediscover the first part of the best distractions in children’s drawings. If not, you can also discover these children’s drawings in realistic versions.

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