40 Pokémon sublime through their development in the form of auras


At Hitek.fr we like Pokémon a little (a lot). A license valued by millions of fans around the world and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The franchise, introduced in 1996 with the red and blue versions, is now available in different facets. Films, series, derivatives of all kinds – Pokémon has conquered the world over the years and presented more and more little monsters. A universe that remains a source of inspiration for many artists around the world, such as Sarah Anne Richford, better known on the internet as TechraNova. The 27 year old professional freelance designer lives in the UK. To discover more of his work through his DeviantArt page, please find it here.

Pikachu / Raichu

Bulbasaur / Florizarre

charmander / charizard

Squirtle / Tortank

Germignon / Megan

Hericendre / Tiphlosion

Kaïminus / alligator

Arcko / Jungko

swollen fire / Braségali

Gobou / Laggron

Turtles / porterra

ousticram / simiabraz

Tiplouf / Pingoleon

vipélierre / majaspic

Gruikui / Roitiflam

Mosquito / clamiral

marisson / blindepic

feunnec / goupelin

Frog / Amphinobi

Brindibou / Archeduct

flamiaou / felineferno

otaquin / oratoria

ouistempo / gorythmic

Flambino / Pyrobut

Larmeon / Lézargus

Eevee / Nymphali

Eevee / Frost

Eevee / Phylali

Eevee / Aquali

eevee / noctali

Eevee / Pyroli

Eevee / Voltali

evoli / mentali

Magicarp / Levator

Draby / Drattak

Embrilex / Tyranitar

Embrilex / Mega-Tyrano

Tarsus / Gardevoir

Tarsus / gallam

Riolu / Lucario

Fantominus / ectoplasm

Fantominus / mega-ectoplasm

mew / mewtwo