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40 photos that play with your mind thanks to perspective

Hugo Suissas, a photographer who lives in Hugo, Portugal, creates surreal photographs with precise perspectives and angles. In this way, he transforms simple bridges and landscapes into places that are sometimes inappropriate, sometimes fantastic. Each photo has a different story and idea and helps us see the world in a fun way. Obviously, this artist is not the first to use perspective. Others before him, like the Malaysian Wire Hon, had used perspective to photograph themselves with their favorite heroes. However, today we couldn’t wait to introduce you to the works of Hugo Suissas as the artist has a real touch. We let you discover everything!

# 1 a well buckled bridge

# 2 when your bank account is in dire need of bailout

# 3 if your sandcastle looks like a palace

# 4 when whiskey gives you strength

# 5 when you need a quick tan and you are looking for the best app for that

# 6 if you are the master of the wind

# 7 If you think you are Mary Poppins

# 8, when your ashes don’t want to fall off the end of your cigarette

# 9 if your train is hauling too many people

# 10, if you catch yourself throwing a giant arrow back where it is coming from

# 11 when you can’t take the Covid anymore and need a vacation

# 12 if your throat is dried out from running

# 13 when the lightning is within you

# 14, if your computer displays very good quality images

# 15 if you are already waiting for the 2021 Christmas break

# 16 when your drunk friend brought crazy music to your head

# 17, if your shirt is whiter than the ones in the ads and you can’t resist the urge to show everyone

# 18 when you think you’re too Harry Potter

# 19 when your horse comes back from eram

# 20 when the torch gets tough carrying the torch and you work up a sweat

# 21 when you’re just a shadow of yourself

# 22 when you want to appear concerned about your mission

# 23 if you want to become one with the landscape

# 24 if you dream of touching the moon

# 25 when you want to check that you really have a tough head

# 26 When beer doesn’t hold any secrets for you

# 27 if your toothpaste has a very refreshing mint taste

# 28 when a memorial takes hold of you

# 29 when you understand that you have really very big feet

# 30 when little flower wants to grow big

# 31 when you love edward a little too much

# 32 when your heart is sending mixed signals and you no longer understand anything

# 33 if your buddy is a cat

# 34 if you really want to spy on the neighbors

# 35 when you peel an apple perfectly

# 36 when the hurdle’s discipline tries to renew itself

# 37 when you found the key that opens the door to her heart

# 38 when you are 30 years old but your passion is skipping rope

# 39 when your aunt gave you new earrings

# 40, when nature also plays sports

If you liked the creations in this article, don’t hesitate to check out his Instagram account.


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