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40 historical photos as rare as they are surprising

If history books are inexhaustible sources of knowledge about our past, the invention of photography by Nicéphore Niépce in 1839 changed the way we view history. In this way, people have been able to capture historical moments thanks to photographs that for some have become symbols of an entire era. Today you will find a selection of 40 photos that embody important events in human history.

# 1 Amid segregation, when black Americans were still prevented from swimming next to whites, Mr. Rogers decided to invite Officer Clemmons to join him and freshen his feet.

# 2 San Francisco police officer calls to order a man who was not wearing a mask during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

# 3 Members of the Dutch resistance celebrate the news of Adolf Hitler’s death in April 1945

# 4 Charles Thompson greeted his new classmates at No. 27 Public School in September 1954, less than four months after the Supreme Court ruled that school segregation was unconstitutional. Charles was the only African American child in the school.

# 5 Margaret Hamilton and the handwritten navigation software she and her co-team produced for the 1969 Apollo project

# 6 Incredible photo of a German soldier breaking direct orders to help a boy cross the New Berlin Wall after being separated from his family in 1961.

# 7 Michelangelo’s sculpture of David wrapped in brick to prevent bomb damage during World War II.

# 8 Princess Diana without gloves shakes hands with an AIDS patient in 1987.

The Serbian soldier No. 9 sleeps with his father, who visited him at the front near Belgrade in 1914/1915.

# 10 Young Queen Elizabeth as a mechanic in World War II

# 11 Louis Armstrong plays Egypt for his wife, 1961.

# 12 A man gets on a bus reserved for white passengers in Durban, in contrast to apartheid in South Africa, 1986.

# 13 May 20, 1910: The nine European heads of state and government took photos together for the only time.

# 14 Returning soldiers from WWII, 1945

# 15 A German soldier returns home but can’t find his family there. Frankfurt, 1946

# 16 Albert Einstein, his secretary Helen (left), and daughter Margaret (right) become U.S. citizens in 1940.

# 17 A Canadian soldier tries to comfort a small Belgian baby who was injured and whose mother was killed. November 1918

# 18 Photo of Rosa Parks after her arrest in February 1956.

# 19 David Isom, 19, opposed separation in a separate Florida basin on June 8, 1958, which resulted in the facility being closed by authorities.

# 20 Gangsters hide their faces during the Al Capone trial, 1931.

# 21 Nikola Tesla, last photograph by a famous scientist, January 1, 1943.

# 22 A nurse with a sick child during a smallpox epidemic, Wroclaw, Poland, 1963.

# 23 Teenagers date in a restaurant, 1950s, USA.

# 24 Allied soldiers mock Hitler on his balcony in the Reich Chancellery, 1945

# 25 Russian prisoner points out a particularly cruel Nazi guard against prisoners in Buchenwald camp.

# 26 on an airplane in 1930

# 27 Ruby Bridges, the first African American to attend a white elementary school in the southern United States in 1960.

# 28 “The Human Fly” George Willig climbed the exterior of the South Tower of the World Trade Center in 1977. After completing the climb in 3.5 hours, it was stopped at the top after several autographs. He was fined $ 1.10 by the city.

# 29 Workers paint the Eiffel Tower, 1924

# 30 A French woman greets an American soldier two days after being liberated. Strasbourg, France, November 22, 1944.

# 31 A member of the Ku Klux Klan stands behind a police officer for protection after crowds surrounded a Klan rally in Austin, Texas in 1983.

# 32 in the jaws of death, June 6, 1944.

# 33 The crowd in Times Square (New York) celebrates Germany’s surrender on May 7, 1945.

# 34 Wedding rings removed from Holocaust victims before their execution.

# 35 The uniform of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from 1914, whose assassination triggered the First World War

# 36 The Apollo 14 landing capsule (1971).

# 37 of the B-25 fly over Mount Vesuvius, Italy, killing 57 people during an eruption. It destroyed the villages of San Sebastiano and San Giorgio in March 1944. During this time, the Allied forces fought for supremacy in the sky.

# 38 Union and Confederate veterans shake hands at Gettysburg meeting in 1913

# 39 Ham the chimpanzee is preparing for his test flight as part of the Mercury-Redstone 2 mission, conducted on January 31, 1961.

# 40 Jewish prisoners after being freed from a death train, 1945


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