40 fruits and vegetables in shapes that you will surely recognize

Have you ever faced a somewhat oddly shaped food? This has happened to us before … And not just once! Sometimes chance makes things good and leaves us, to say the least, in bizarre situations. Fortunately, this doesn’t just happen to us and many other people are also victims of these fun moments in life that we never thought could happen.

40 types of fruit and vegetables that appeal to us with their original shape

Who says eating fruits and vegetables can’t be fun? Anyway, that person was wrong. He obviously didn’t know the right greengrocer and, unlike us, has never stumbled upon this cool and confusing food.

In psychology there is a phenomenon of optical illusion called pareidolia. It consists in identifying familiar shapes through elements that surround us. Sometimes this phenomenon reaches its climax when you get the impression that you are seeing a foot instead of a radish … Wait a minute, aren’t you following us anymore? Then it would be easier to show you. Here are 40 types of fruits and vegetables that look like everything else.

1) This eggplant has a cartoon character face

2) A strawberry / starfish

3) Yam that looks like a hand

4) A tomato that, to us, seems to be Sauron’s eye

5) a pear / kiwi (the bird)

6) an eggplant that reminds us all of the same emoji

7) a dancing carrot

8) an angry bird onion

9) Carrots are happy to see you again

10) a xenomorphic cucumber

11) A potato / sea lion

12) Broccoli with a brilliant idea

13) a fetus in a pepper

14) a tomato that hides a strawberry in its heart

15) lobster shaped ginger

16) a pumpkin / swan

17) a carrot that makes us smile

18) Rabbit-headed ginger

19) Beetroot, which takes the shape of a human heart

20) ginger that looks like a sliced ​​finger

21) Blueberries that make us think of a breast too

22) a Mario strawberry

23) a clementine who gives us a remake of Spider-Man

24) celeriac in the shape of a skull

25) a radish walking in the vegetable garden

26) the inside of an apple with an owl’s head

27) a carrot that is recreating the world

28) a small potato shaped like a miniature heart

29) a cucumber that looks like a duck

30) A “like” eggplant

31) Spurge, which reminds us of a family of birds

32) a potato / teddy bear

33) a pumpkin in the shape of a snail

34) a pumpkin that looks like a carnivorous plant

35) scared peppers

36) a butterfly-like tomato

37) radish in the shape of a foot

38) a strawberry that looks like a hen

39) a banana with a dog

40) a tomato in the shape of a plastic duck

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