40 absurd haircuts that will make you dread the barber shop


For centuries, people have agreed to use the strange hair that grows on their heads to make something pretty out of it. A concept that would surprise an alien, but that no one would question. This is how hair fashion evolves.

A haircut can mean many things about a person or a culture. However, some go even further by making their skulls a real playground.

Bad tongues call it a lack of taste, others welcome creativity. Anyway, these 40 hair crazies should surprise you!

# 1: We are a fan of Roland Garros or not

# 2: In a mirror, father and son look like two drops of water

# 3: the world’s most successful Halloween costume

# 4: when you can’t choose between very short or very long

# 5: Here is the famous World Chess Championship

# 6: who needs a hat when you have hair?

# 7: While North Korea has just banned mullet cutting, others are pushing it out more than ever

“When you expect a receding hairline but get a secession front instead.”

# 8: Henna and rhinestones are great

# 9: love for the motherland is endless …

# 10: the gel is irresistible

# 11: rat tail has never looked so cool in the front

# 12: lifetime free pizza

# 13: substance abuse

# 14: The perfect tribute doesn’t exist.

# 15: Arcade machines always rub against their owner

# 16: This chameleon is going to have a hard time going unnoticed

# 17: I’m not sure if Dali would have agreed

# 18: Obsession with geometry sometimes goes too far

# 19: kyary pamyu pamyu’s creativity knows no boundaries

# 20: two best friends for the price of one

# 21: Lizards are very possessive

# 22 Wherever you are, she sees you …

# 23: and eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day

# 24: a different take on the Patronus

# 25: SpongeBob SquarePants isn’t far

# 26: new tribute

# 27: is that a mask?

# 28: a personable remake from up there

# 29: a baffled bowl cut

# 30: two rooms, two atmospheres

# 31: a Lego fan

# 32: happy at the front, angry at the back

# 33: Linkin Park, flagship of a generation

# 34: Lady Gaga and her legendary sense of style

# 35: still a proud Patronus

# 36: Combine the gesture with the hairstyle

“They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but … bruh.”

# 37: History doesn’t tell if the zipper needs a shampoo

# 38: Wolverine was there

# 39: a maze of secrets

# 40: the arachnophobic hair nightmare