Every month, PlayStation Plus delights its subscribers with new free games. Titles that are offered for subscription, games that are not entirely offered. However, these games have made a habit of leaking every month and have been for some time. The month of November doesn’t seem to deviate from this rule, with another leak regarding 4 of the 6 scheduled games.

Four games leak before their time

Once again, the leak comes from dealabs. The page that brings together great deals day in and day out is also a regular on PlayStation Plus Leaks. One of its users has just unveiled 4 of the 6 games offered by PlayStation Plus for the month of November, information that was confirmed shortly afterwards by the platform’s moderators, suggesting that PlayStation will support this confirmation from this weekend onwards. A new leak from billbil-kun, according to which PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of November can pick up the games from November 2nd to December 7th, 2021:

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PS VR), Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4); First Class Trouble (PS5 / PS4); Knockout City (PS5 / PS4)

As a reminder, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of PlayStation VR, Sony has decided to offer PlayStation Plus subscribers three additional games every month from November. However, these three additional games will be exclusively VR. Logic. Enough to add to each subscriber’s libraries ahead of the launch of PlayStation VR 2, a new virtual reality headset that is imminent to be announced.

something to keep warm this winter

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners:

For starters, in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, in this new augmented reality adventure, you will “face all the horrors, dead or alive, in The Walking Dead universe, and survive every day as you solve a secret that hovers over the iconic neighborhoods of the city. Meet desperate factions and lonely survivors who can become your friends or enemies. Regardless of whether you are helping your neighbor or using violence to achieve your wishes, every decision you make has consequences. What kind of survivor will you be in the eyes of the locals? “.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Recalculation:

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is nothing more than the remastered version of the excellent RPG. New graphics, refined gameplay, re-reckoning offer intense and customizable RPG battles in a huge game world. Loyalty to the original game is obviously respected as the Kingdom of Amalur needs your help again. All of the DLCs are in-game as well, from Teeths of Naros to Legend of Dead Kel. A rich universe waiting to be explored, whether you focus on the main quest or the multitude of side quests. On the menu: romance, political intrigue, eerie and bizarre magic.

First class problems:

This new game, with an official release date to be announced shortly, is a party game where players must work together and compete against each other to survive a disaster. Use your wits to stay alive whether you’re playing as a Human Resident or a rebellious Personaloid. Win by playing tricks or drawing the right conclusions, “all in a charming, disturbing and Machiavellian setting”. The aim of the game is to shut down the Central Artificial Intelligence Network (CAIN), the central unit of the ISS Alithea, an intergalactic cruise ship, before he and his army of personnoids take control of the ship.

Knockout City:

In Knockout City you will have to take part in various multiplayer games reinvented for the occasion. A multiplayer game where you can first customize your character to form the team of your dreams. Defeat your enemies with special shots and above all a foolproof team spirit. Locations, game modes, different and varied balls, enough to keep players in suspense who want to discover all their facets.

In addition to these 4 games, there are now 2 more to be revealed by PlayStation. The wait shouldn’t be too long as the month is drawing to a close.