4 Evidence of Thanos’ Monstrosity (Part 2)

Last October we brought you a 7 facts article that showed how dangerous and monstrous Thanos can be. You liked the concept, so we looked for more evidence of its monstrosity. And we found some! Thanos definitely never disappoints when it comes to showing the world its dark and terribly disturbing side. Here is 4 new pieces of evidence that Thanos is indeed a monster.

# 1 Thanos turned the Hulk into a dog

The Thanos comics published in 2016 take us to wild lands and discover situations that are just as much. In the distant future, Thanos will be the king of the universe after defeating the Avengers. Most of them are dead, but not Bruce Banner, who becomes the Mad Titan’s mad dog. Thanos holds him in a pit with a few bones to chew on when he’s not on a leash, and those bones are those of Steve Rogers, former Captain America. Very appetizing.

# 2 Thanos locks Cyclops in a block and suffocates him to death

In the Infinity Gauntlet # 4 comics, Thanos finds a unique way to kill Cyclops. He creates a “clear power block” around his head against which his powers are powerless. Oxygen no longer reaches Cyclops and slowly suffocates him before he dies and suffocates.

# 3 Thanos kills Gamora

Thanos raised baby Gamora to be his personal assassin and then simply murdered her on Infinity Watch. Gamora had actually decided to rebel and confront her adoptive father. Thanos then beats her and then erases all traces of her existence when he manages to complete the Infinity Gauntlet.

# 4 thanos kills the war machine and throws it into a coma

Released in the 2016 Civil War, Thanos must arrive on earth immediately. Several Avengers, including War Machine, ambush him when he arrives. War Machine is currently crashing She-Hulk with his missiles during this ambush. Thanos then takes the opportunity to hit her and fall into a coma before going straight to War Machine and piercing him to reduce him to (small) crumbs.

Obviously, Thanos committed many other atrocities like crushing Sam Wilson’s skull, killing father and mother, or even turning the mist into a living statue. Don’t hesitate to take a tour of these other events that are as well known as they are gruesome in our previous article.

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