39 people who have regretted their online orders

Always be careful when ordering on the internet. Many people received something very different from what they originally bought. These pictures show you that you are careful and always check the ratings for a minimum, even though some may be wrong.

# 1 order carpet, get a cat

# 2 are supposed to be vitamins

# 3 He had to order on the internet

# 4 an entry-level infinity glove

# 5 The customer hadn’t ordered this apron

# 6 2 months waiting time for an “emergency tent”

# 7 a mat for (small) chimneys

# 8 a special coffee table

# 9 the dog pool has turned into a water bowl

# 10 a coffee table in the shape of an iPhone instead of an iPhone

# 11 Always check the dimensions, even with a cutting board

# 12 it was not stated that the beads were samples only

# 13 an inflatable pool that is basically designed to accommodate the whole family

# 14 receives a stone instead of a smartphone

# 15 we understand why the real plush didn’t show up on the ad

# 16 if Halloween and Christmas had been around the same time

# 17 a very small drill

# 18 still a dimensional problem

# 19 just a bar fridge

# 20 a mug whose design is a photo of the mug

# 21 a meditation book that just says inhale, exhale, on each page

# 22 (extra large) eyelash extensions

# 23 sofa for hobbits

# 24 The customer must have been masked upon receipt of his order

# 25 still dimensional issues

# 26 Order a themed bed and get branches at the end

# 27 order plaid, but for dogs

# 28 in the end, the plaid will serve you well

# 29 a cake that has nothing to do with the sales promise

# 30 when ordering on request

# 31 an armchair for hobbits

# 32 a dog ramp

# 33 Chatons tree

# 34 Camping folding chairs

# 35 it should be a dog crate

# 36 Order a cat (or a cactus) and get shoelace lace

# 37 a lot less attractive

# 38 of XXXL Airpods

# 39 If you order a pair of shoes, you will only receive one and, after a complaint, two more, but from the same foot.

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