38 drinks served in containers, one more WTF than the other


Bars are social places where you can enjoy a drink with friends. Sometimes it happens that bartenders create original cocktails and offer their drinks in even more original containers.

In this article we invite you to discover drinks in containers, one more WTF than the other. Between the mini bathtubs, the plastic bags, the blood bags, the customers who receive their drink are unwilling to forget it. There is a fine line between genius and stupidity, and this range of containers is proof of that.

# 1 “dry ass” makes perfect sense

# 2 A bucket of gin and tonic

# 3 a coffee in a toilet-shaped cup

# 4 a bathtub cocktail

# 5 “CastleVania” from Player One

Come on and try the Castlevania on Player One! Meet at 224 rue Saint-Denis in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris to taste this bloody cocktail in a geek atmosphere that includes different themes: retrogaming, magic school and a spaceship. For more information: website, Facebook and / or Instagram.

# 6 How would you like your drink to be in an ashtray?

# 7 a cocktail in a flower pot

# 8 So no, not even in a dream

# 9 But no! Why ?

# 10 We do it with the funds

# 11 literally divine cocktail

# 12 Very practical …

# 13 A coffee by the glass

# 14 Coffee in a bagel

# 15 Words fail me for that

# 16 mini bathtub

# 17 A cocktail in a Christmas ball

# 18 Make sure you recognize your straw

# 19 A cocktail in a leather bag

# 20 A margarita in a plastic bag with a syringe to drink

# 21 “Please take away”

# 22 A blue lagoon in a shell

# 23 a cube cocktail

# 24 Why not

# 25 Still not

# 26 The mix is ​​famous for sure

# 27 Shots in eggs

# 28 Hot chocolate in an ice cream cone

# 29 A drink in a lightbulb: a brilliant idea

# 30 A mojito in a plastic bag in the shopping cart

# 31 A drink in a paprika

# 32 A gin for ‘in the bucket

# 33 A floral cocktail

# 34 A drink in a can

# 35 Coffee in a toilet-shaped cup 2

# 36 “Take away margarita”

# 37 mini pumpkin cocktail

# 38 Ecology in PLS

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