37 modern animals compared to their prehistoric ancestors


Technology enables us to do many things today, including better representing the past. This article invites you to discover 37 animals compared to their prehistoric ancestors. If you are interested in prehistory, you will surely love to learn more about these two great discoveries that shake everything we thought we knew about Neanderthals.

Roman Uchytel uses Photoshop to recreate extinct prehistoric animal species from what is known about these species. He also compares the size of extinct species to that of their modern descendants by juxtaposing them. And some animals were much larger than you might think if you look at their modern counterparts.

Northern hair-nosed wombat / Diprotodon

Two-toed sloth / Megatherium

Sumatran orangutan / Gigantopithecus

Great white shark / megalodon

Leo / American lion

Rhinoceros / woolly rhinoceros

Giant armadillo / Glyptodon

Eurasian giant cheetah / cheetah

Asian elephant / mammoth

Bison / bison latifrons

Capybara / Josephoartigasia monesi

Leopard / Smilodon population

Siberian tiger / Ngandong tiger

African savanna elephant / Asian elephant

Giraffe / Sivatherium

Spectacled Bear / Arctotherium

Komodo dragon / Megalania

Przewalski horse / giant horse

Strauss / Vorombe

Indri / Archaeoindris

Elk / Cervalces latifrons

Dugong / Steller’s Rhytin

Trample / Titanotylopus

Red giant kangaroo / Procoptodon

Cariamidae / Kelenken

Wolf / Epikyon

White rhinoceros / baluchitherium

Kodiak bear / cave bear

European boar / Daeodon

black caiman / purussaurus

Jaguar / Pleistocene Jaguar

Andean condor / Argentavis

Hippopotamus / Hippopotamus Gorgops

Brown hare / Nuralagus

Spotted hyena / cave hyena

Whale / Livyatan

Gelada / Theropithecus oswaldi

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