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36 Crazy Solutions to Your Everyday Problems, But Terribly Smart

What seems silly at first glance can turn out to be very smart in the end. From this observation, Reddit’s r / RedNeckEngineering community began.

36 solutions as simple as crazy

In 2013 the community “Redneck Engineering” was founded. The aim is to submit innovative ideas and a low budget to solve the daily problems. As you can see, some of them are well found.

1) A “really emergency stop” system

2) Device to prevent other drivers from daring to hold onto you

3) A multi-function treadmill

This is a conveyor belt that I used as a sander. I attached a 100 grit sanding belt to it. It works well as a replacement for a drum sander or a large belt sander. I used it to flatten a cutting board.

4) Seals can really be useful to everyone

5) The solution to move your switch

6) Are the Russians the leaders of the redneck community?

7) Choose the Uhaul solution

My cousin told me that it was $ 3,000 to move his mobile home … My family spent $ 19.95

8) No washing machine, use pennies

9) A successful impression

I thought “these wooden boards are weird” …

I’m getting closer … it’s printed paper and tape !!

10) Anti-competition system

11) Protecting yourself from COVID is good, but customer convenience is most important

My driver makes sure I have the AC in the back LOL

12) A solution that should have only stayed a while and in the end it was 4 years

13) the US anti-raccoon method

14) classier than simple headlights, but not sure it’s that efficient

15) A hammer that has been turned into a hammer

16) “Horn when it falls”

17) a fishing rod to teach your child to play baseball

18) A must in summer

19) Simple and efficient

20) You don’t need to know the names of all these tools anymore

21) More comfortable than an electric scooter

I just saw this guy sit in a garden chair glued to an electric skateboard while vaping and listening to Jack Johnson. Now I ask my whole life.

22) We recognize the touch of Redneck Engineering

23) A fully artisanal COVID solution

24) a raft of packets of chips

25) The ultimate weapon against break-ins

26) Use a hen to eat the spiders from the ceiling

27) The art of welding

28) a horde of movers

29) A perfect fork for seeing new series

30) Safely Repair the Garden Gate

31) to ride barefoot

32) a simple solution to prevent him from running away

33) the perfect technique for distance learning

34) Contactless Gel Dispenser

35) Low Budget Backup Radar

36) anyway, it seems to be working


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