36 Celebrities Posing With Themselves Young (part 6)


The passing of time is food for thought for many artists, and Ard Gelinck will certainly not say it otherwise. We have already offered you several times to discover the work of this artist who makes celebrities pose with their young version of themselves. And today we wanted to present you the last 36 creations of the artist. Jason Momoa, Betty White or even Bill Murray went through the photo montage box!

1) Paul Rudd

2) Morgan Freeman

3) good jovi

4) Justin Timberlake

5) Murray bill

6) Betty White

7) Arnold Schwarzenegger

8) Charlie Watt

9) Jason Momoa

10) peeled

11) James Michael Tyler

12) Mariah Carey

13) Britney Spears

14) will forge

15) Cole Sprouse

16) Jennifer Aniston

17) Robert Downey Jr.

18) angelina jolie

19) Harrison Ford

20) Madonna

21) sting

22) Matthew Perry

23) Michael Jackson

24) the Backstreet Boys

25) Roger Federer

26) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

27) Sophia Loren

28) Michael Bublé

29) Adele

30) Charlie Chaplin

31) Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z)

32) Lily Collins

33) James Blunt

34) Marilyn Monroe

35) Kim Kardashian

36) charlize theron

If you enjoyed this article, you can follow the work of this artist on his Instagram account! And if you want to keep the momentum going, you can check out our previous post with other celebrities posing with younger versions of themselves.