35 things that make using the public toilet smarter


Coming to the throne in a public place is never easy for everyone. We all remember that cult scene from American Pie where Paul Finch constantly refuses to do the big job in the public washroom but ends up having to go there. If he refuses to leave, it’s because public toilets are known to be dirty and poorly maintained. To make this passage more enjoyable, certain restaurateurs and stores know how to show ingenuity. Adequate lighting, appliances, or even music, it’s all good for having a better time in the bathroom. Today we invite you to discover 35 ingenious things that make going to the toilet more pleasant.

1) A seat to keep your child from moving during an errand

2) A sunscreen dispenser

3) Lights on the ceiling to see if the toilets are free or not

4) A slope on the faucets so that it is adjusted to the size of each one

5) a latch that you can use to put your little things down and not forget anything when you go out

6) Free dispensers for tampons and towels

7) A pedal to flush the toilet and avoid touching with your hands

8) An adaptable seat for the little ones

9) A safety chain in disabled toilets that triggers the alarm if someone falls

10) A gender neutral booth

11) Odorless soap before meals and odorless soap after meals

12) A sink – rinse to save water

13) A screen in the cinema toilets so that you don’t miss anything from the film in an emergency

14) Lights in the restaurant to know if the toilets are free

15) A keypad for cleaning with a jet of water, listening to music and applying deodorant

16) A Diagram To Learn How To Put Your Tie In The Men’s Bathroom

17) A changing table for men so that Dad can also take care of the little ones

18) a door handle that should be pulled with the foot

19) A protective glass to prevent protrusions on the shoes

20) Emergency toilets in an elevator

21) Neons need to know if the cubicles are vacant or not

22) A broom closet built into the wall

23) Toilets without gender, where only the urinal and seat are indicated

24) A button that allows you to call a maintenance agent to clean dirty toilets

25) A sign to remind you to put your bow tie back on when you go out

26) A handful of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers

27) A free dispenser for condoms and lubricant in women’s toilets

28) the door that opens with a wave of the hand

29) A switch to start the music when you make the big commission

30) A place to keep your belongings in a dry place

31) An emergency button on the floor in the event of illness or fall

32) a light that indicates when your hands are dry

33) a glass holder in the toilet

34) Evacuation grilles in case you don’t know how to aim

35) Wood that has a strong smell to avoid bad smells

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