35 photos that perfectly illustrate the wear and tear of time on objects


Where time passes, nothing is eternal. Since everyday objects are subject to the same laws as we are, they too cannot stand the test of time. The clothes do their job and the shapes change over the years. That’s not all. The color and brilliance of these objects finally give way to dark and dreary tones. Nothing resists her. It is the cycle of everything, as evidenced by the photos that we are going to present to you today. We know you like these types of articles, the first parts of which can be found here and here. Here are 35 new photos that perfectly illustrate the wear and tear on objects over time.

1) this pumpkin was eaten away by mold

2) That 60 year old bottle of Pepsi

3) These sandals on display at the Vindolanda Fort are over 1800 years old

4) This abandoned chair has turned into a real moss throne

5) These hand PRINTS visible in a cave in southern Utah

6) This butcher knife has been sharpened regularly for 5 long years

7) This office chair has had its day

8) Not much lives in this sheet …

9) This sign looks like it came straight out of a horror movie

10) a really badly worn wooden bench

11) This 3DS has been in the ocean for a long time

12) These cards have not been used for at least 10 years

13) Despite the past few years, this basketball is still bouncing

14) Before / after a dental splint

15) this pumpkin would go perfectly with a Halloween party

16) This whiteboard brush has certainly lived a little longer than the wear and tear of time

17) The color of these M & Ms faded with the rain

18) The remains of this truck have merged with the forest

19) this passport photo has faded over time

20) this biodegradable bag is just beginning to fall apart

21) So many people were tempted to touch the famous “You are here”

22) this hand spent a little too much time washing the dishes

23) This kiwi was abandoned during the entire detention period

24) Surely the favorite seat of this movie theater

25) this comic braved the humidity and the weather

26) Fashion is an eternal restart

27) This alpaca blanket was damaged over the nights

28) that the lawnmower filter really needed to be changed

29) Coexistence becomes difficult in this distributor

30) a tree swallowed this old mailbox

31) This cat scratching post doesn’t seem to have held up

32) that these meatballs have turned into a conglomerate of germs

33) the candies in this dispenser are totally melted

34) The faces of these coins are gradually starting to fade

35) There is wear and tear around the seats of this hair salon

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