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35 photos that perfectly illustrate the Soviet era

To understand a culture, there is nothing better than delving into its history. The USSR has been gone for more than 30 years, and yet we still talk about it today. Why ? Because this state had a special status in the world of that time. Discover how the inhabitants of the East lived during the Soviet era thanks to the images collected by the “Soviet Visuals” website.

#1 The Leningrad Pioneers (1936)

#2 Preparing for a nap for school children (1930s)

#3 The City of Moscow (9 May 1945)

#4 Soviet poster “Honour to the great Chinese people who have achieved freedom, independence and happiness!” (1950)

#5 Soviet car prototype (1951)

#6 Swimmer Maria Havrish congratulates her rival who defeated her in a breaststroke competition (1956)

#7 Soviet poster “We are not raising our sons for war” (1957)

#8 Kids Who Nap In The Cold (1958)

#9 Science Magazine Cover for Young People Imagining the Future (1960)

#10 Belka the Dog Returns from a Space Mission (1960)

#11 Soviet postcard in honor of International Women’s Day (1961)

#12 Yuri Gagarin in Space Suit (1961)

Metro station No. 13 Kievskaya (1964)

#14 Azerbaijani Wedding (1965)

#15 Dutch Models in Moscow (1965)

#16 Spring in Yakutsk (1967)

#17 Propaganda Poster “The Face of Imperialism” (1967)

#18 Snowy Landscape Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (1968)

#19 Soviet poster “Workers of the world, unite!” (1968)

#20 Soviet poster “Aborting your first pregnancy may permanently prevent you from having a child” (1969)

#21 Ukrainian Ice Swimmers (1960s)

#22 Yuri Knorozov, linguist recognized for his role in deciphering the Maya script (1971)

#23 Vacationers on a Latvian Beach, in Jurmala (1975)

#24 Demonstration Chess Game with Master Anatoly Karpov (1978)

#25 Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in Berlin (1979)

#24 Pencil case for school (1970s)

#27 MI-10 Transport Helicopter (1980)

#28 The Abandoned Hotel Amanauz Under Construction (1985)

#29 Bread department of a supermarket in the city of Sofia (1985)

#30 Soviet PC “Mikrosha” (1987)

#31 construction game for kids (1980s)

#32 Military Parade in Moscow (1987)

#33 Punks in the Moscow Coup (1991)

#34 Young Ethiopian in front of a fallen statue of Stalin (1991)

#35 Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev forced to stay in space after coup (1991)

If you want to delve further into the story, here’s an article that might interest you: 49 colorized photos that take us on a journey down memory lane.


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