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35 Photos That Are Scary But Real (Part 3)

Reasonable soul to restrain! Today, like a few months ago, we bring you the most terrifying images on the internet. These are brought to you by the Oddly Terrifying subreddit community, which brings together for you the spookiest and spookiest photos on the web. Here is a small selection of 35 photos that are scary, but really…

#1 The Willis Tower during a power outage

#2 A monitor lizard comes out of the toilet

#3 That narrow hallway

#4 Fingers With No Nails

#5 Bouviers Void, one of the largest voids in the universe

#6 This old abandoned hospital

#7 This bear knocks on the door

#8 Tarantulas hidden in a car

#9 Those AWESOME birds that fly

#10 This kid’s class project

#11 This statue with a beehive in place of the head

#12 This horrible doll found in a graveyard

#13 The remains of a caribou found in Greenland

#14 One of the last hiker-taken photos of the Dyatlov Pass affair (1959)

#15 Robot dogs patrolling SpaceX factories

#16 This woman’s belly pregnant with triplets

#17 These 280 million year old fossils found in Australia

#18 Those toilets that are still in use

#19 A standing goat

#20 The “ghost” statues of the Castle of Vezio

#21 This spring-loaded scarecrow

#22 This creepy bat costume

#23 These cavities form unexpectedly in water

#24 The skeleton of a whale found in Egypt

#25 This dog looks like he came straight out of hell

#26 Those weird signs found in an attic

#27 This factory full of chains

#28 That disturbing face swap

#29 This fish is just as comfortable on the water as it is on the ice

#30 A hand that has been exposed to the cold for too long

#31 Eye trauma caused this iris separation

#32 This spooky Halloween costume

#33 This statue of Gandhi after a prankster added red lights to his eyes

#34 These frogs that have eyes that grow in their mouths

#35 This underwater cave entrance

So, which photo gave you the most goosebumps? Share your feedback in the comments section. While you wait to read your answers, discover these 58 photos that will make you uncomfortable, along with the scientific rationale behind them.


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