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35 people who had a very bad day

Some days nothing works. You wake up with a terrible headache and find a horrible spider in your cereal. Then you decide to drive to work and find that your vehicle is out of tires. And that’s just the beginning of your day… Fortunately, there are always people who are more unlucky than you. We’ve already tried to prove it to you with this article, and today we’re back with 35 new people who were having a very bad day.

#1 If you would have preferred your bottle to have broken into a thousand pieces as usual

#2 When you arrive at your stop and don’t know how to get off

#3 If you want your tickets refunded but the company is NOT COOPERATING

#4 When you thought your car was light enough to drive on that icy surface

#5 When the coffee maker gives you an unexpected extra

#6 When you were excited about your Apple Watch and finally…

#7 Sharing new experiences on your wedding day

#8 When you realize it’s your suitcase that’s not on the plane

#9 When your tree couldn’t take the wait before Christmas

#10 When you realize you won’t see the Grand Canyon even with your binoculars

#11 When you realize what looked like olive oil was actually hand sanitizer

#12 Washing turns your favorite sweater into a crop top

#13 When you find your tires gone overnight

#14 When you let someone else choose the seats for you

#15 When the view of your house suddenly changes after a landslide

#16 When your bath immediately gives you a little less desire

#17 When the elements are unleashed on you

#18 When you realize your tires aren’t exactly like your neighbor’s

#19 When everything goes wrong but your coffee maker gives you some hope

#20 When your cans can’t take the cold IN your car anymore

#21 When even the clouds decided to go

#22 If the item you receive does not look at all like the one you ordered

#23 When you thought you were going to drive to work and found yourself confronted with it

#24 When corn takes advantage of a tornado to rebel

#25 When you finally understand where the rusty taste is coming from

#26 Everything changes in a corner

#27 When you realize you shouldn’t have waited for the dishes

#28 When your dog cut his teeth where you saved all your memories

#29 When you tried to check the size and it finally didn’t come out

#30 When you got to the end of your puzzle but lost the last piece

#31 When you realize you don’t want to be Spider-Man anymore

#32 When you thought parking would protect your car from rain and frost

#33 When you realize what’s sticking out the door are your keys

#34 When bad luck follows you into your Scrabble games

#35 When you put your lasagna in the oven with the plastic spatula

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