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35 Fully WTF Objects That Are Commercially Sold (Part 2)

Haven’t you dreamed of it Well, these objects still exist. And it is with great pleasure that we offer you a new selection of completely useless objects, but so WTF that we all want to crack them.

Here is a selection of 35 items that are unusable. Discover these fully WTF objects that are still commercially available, from the cow’s earmuffs to the pipe so as not to be disturbed during a conversation. It feels like the Wish lowlands.

# 1 The cow earmuffs

# 2 umbrella in the shape of a salad

# 3 anus cover for cats

# 4 A device that you can use to pet your cat

# 5 A bedside table that turns into a baseball bat and sign

# 6 a shower curtain with pockets to store your electronics

# 7 Socks with a hairy trumpet

# 8 A harness to keep your chickens running safely

# 9 A huge “Enter” button

# 10 A magical pillow that makes Nicolas’ cage appear

# 11 A puzzle made up entirely of white pieces

# 12 Crocs with built-in socks

# 13 Idiots of a Rubik’s Cube

# 14 A crazy phone

# 15 Finger protection for eating starter cakes

# 16 A burrito shaped blanket

# 17 a SpongeBob furniture set

# 18 Baby-shaped cake pan

# 19 A magnetic biscuit container

# 20 a robot finger to hold your hand

# 21 A centaur in 5 parts to articulate with your fingers

# 22 no comment

# 23 A poo-shaped suction cup

# 24 A $ 449.26 mobile app to buy when you’re rich

“Are you rich? Prove that you are rich by buying this very expensive app …!”

# 25 hoodie with raw meat

# 26 Isopod shaped pillows

# 27 A paper holder / phone holder

# 28 A clock that turns in 24 hours

# 29 A little dictator costume for a child

# 30 soft toys that represent human organs

# 31 A robot that you use to eat tomatoes while jogging

# 32 A basket of carefully selected bananas so you can eat one every day

# 33 A shoe kaway

# 34 A Mjolnir toolbox

# 35 A tube of fabric that focuses on your conversation

What do you think of these objects? Which one could you buy? Check out our previous selection of most of the WTF items on sale in stores.


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