34 drawings that combine black humor and pop culture


There are certain artists who make us want to share their work again, and Ben Chen’s is one of them (and has been for several years). We had dedicated an earlier article to him, but the hard worker, the artist, has been the source of new drawings that we have been keen to show you. It must be said that Ben Chen has everything to please us, with drawings that usually mix characters and elements from pop culture with a good dose of black humor. Here are 34 of his best drawings that we will share with you right away!

1) The trunk rises with the left foot

2) Never trust appearances

3) we rely more on you and kong?

4) Which of the magicians or the child has the most magic in it?

5) a tin man who cools our backs

6) an equally dangerous weapon

7) a happy raccoon

8) a short drive into Montgofière

9) a Japanese snake charmer

10) the Easter Bunny, whom we wouldn’t like to meet

11) the day all of Batman’s enemies are waiting for

12) Jerry fell into a trap

13) The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is no more

14) Einstein smokes the world

15) oldest joke in the world

16) when the sky is cloudy

17) real Mario and Luigi (and Koopas)

18) if you understand how to win against a turtle

19) if you have enough imagination to land the moon

20) In every epoch its Mona Lisa and its artists

21) when Dracula is tired of not seeing the light of day

22) when living beings that are not a human dream of humanity

23) When the moon is shining so bright, you know why

24) when you regret being more attractive

25) Respect for all of our old suitcases that have accompanied us on so many trips

26) If it foams, it’s clean!

27) when the white dove makes everything wild

28) when your cat is about to destroy all of your dreams

29) when the Avengers face the greatest threat of their time

30) when you can’t see yourself as Batman painting

31) it is free max

32) when the constellation comes to life but you had everything planned

33) Yin and Yang adapted to society

34) when your ears of corn “burst” in space

If you are interested in this artist’s work, you can find several other of his projects on his Flickr page. And if you want to continue your swing, you will undoubtedly appreciate the drawings of Disney characters also faced with black humor, in comics all the more fun than the others.