-33% on the pack of 2 connected lamps Philips E27 Hue White & Colors!

Connected lamps not only illuminate you, they also offer you many advantages. For example, they allow you to change the color temperature by emitting yellow or white light (natural light) as you wish. However, yellow and white aren’t the only colors available. As with this pack of 2 connected lamps, you can choose from more than 10 million colors.

Quality, durability and savings guaranteed!

Be assured ! Quality is there with this pack of 2 connected Philips E27 Hue White & Colors lightbulbs. These lamps actually have built-in LEDs. They can therefore illuminate you for almost 25,000 hours. Each of them is equipped with an E27 socket that is easy to screw on. The lifespan of the latter will be 14 years!

These lamps belong to energy class A. Their output is 9.0 W. They therefore have low consumption, but you benefit from a luminous flux of 806 lumens and a color temperature of 4000 K.

On the function menu you need in particular: intelligent control, control outside the house, lighting programs, variation of the intensity as well as creation of atmosphere with variation of the colors … This package with 2 lamps connected to Philips E27 you can also use Hue White & Colors to light the light with music or sync your TV.

The remote control and setting is done via ZigBee. Compatibility level: These connected lamps are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, but also with Bluetooth. Note that a Philips Hue dimmer remote control is also included, and all for only € 79.95 instead of € 119.98! Yes, these 2 lamps connected to Philips E27 Hue White & Colors are currently being advertised. This is also the case with the JBL Flip Nomad Bluetooth speaker. So use it!

3 reasons to fall for this package?

25,000 hours lifespan, many functions, more than 10 million colors to choose from

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