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320 million students have to because of Corona | stay at home Free press

Nearly one in five schoolchildren worldwide is affected by the closure of schools. The consequences can be devastating.

New York (dpa) – As schools closed in the aftermath of the corona pandemic, some 320 million children and young people worldwide have had to stay at home since December 1. This is reported by the children’s aid organization Unicef ​​in New York, citing data from UNESCO.

Compared to November 1, the number of boys and girls affected by school closures has increased again by nearly 90 million. Unicef ​​complained that the closures had destroyed the learning process, mental and physical well-being, nutrition and safety of the children.

Robert Jenkins, UNICEF’s head of education, said it was proven that schools were not the main cause of the pandemic. “Yet we see an alarming trend for governments to close schools again as the first option rather than the last option. In some cases this happens nationally and not per community. “The benefits of keeping schools open far outweigh the costs of closing them.” Rural school closures should be avoided at all costs. “Measures should be taken to protect schools from Covid-19.

With little evidence that schools contribute to faster transmission speeds, UNICEF urged governments to prioritize reopening schools and take all possible measures to make them as safe as possible. The plans should also include distance learning concepts, especially for marginalized groups.


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