300 wounded Wagner mercenaries brought to hospital in Luhansk Oblast, but ‘doctors refuse to treat them’


The Normal Employees mentioned in its common morning report that the docs in Yuvileine refuse to offer medical help to the Wagner mercenaries as a result of the truth that most of them are carriers of such ailments as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

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In response to the Normal Employees, the Russians are actively changing hospitals within the occupied territories into navy hospitals. In the meantime, native residents are being refused medical help, as a result of the truth that hospitals are filled with wounded invaders.

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It was earlier reported that the Wagner Group was recruiting a lot of its mercenaries from Russian prisons. Lots of the convicts are contaminated with severe infectious ailments, together with HIV/AIDS.

The press service of Ukraine’s Protection Intelligence says that Wagner marks such convicts with wristbands – crimson for HIV, and white for hepatitis.

A number of fighters with HIV or hepatitis are already in Ukrainian captivity and have confirmed the experiences concerning the mass recruitment of contaminated prisoners by Wagner, NV’s sister publication Ukrainska Pravda has reported.

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