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30 Unusual Collections You Never Imagined

Collecting objects is a real passion for many people. Collections of capsules, stamps, watches, there are all kinds of collections. You might even have a collection of books or figurines at home. Today we invite you to discover the unusual collections of true enthusiasts. Explore 30 unusual collections you could never have imagined, a collection of Pringles boxes, a collection of bowling balls, or even a collection of Monopoly.

1) Monopoly collection

2) Collection of staples removed from documents

3) Collection of plastic ducks

4) Collection of letter-shaped pebbles

5) Periodic table of the elements with samples of the real elements

6) A doctor who collects all the drawings from children who are his patients

7) Collection of sharpeners

8) Collection of bowling balls

9) Collection of 6 years old tire stickers

10) Collection of sand and dust in all the places visited by the collector

11) Collection of four leaf clover

12) Collection of all existing Lego shields

13) Game Boy games collection in the form of a Game Boy

14) Collection of items that have been swallowed by children

15) This Australian woman collects insects that venture into her home

16) Collection of Pez dispensers in the colors of the various Presidents of the United States

17) Collection of egg-shaped pebbles

18) Ugly Golf Ball Collections

19) Collection of items found with a metal detector

20) a collection of dice

21) a collection of ties

22) Collection of Food Formed Erasers

23) Collection of old cameras

24) Collection of used pens

25) a collection of cake pans

26) a collection of crushed mosquitoes

27) A collection of PEZ dispensers

28) This former businessman made a map of the United States with the keys to the rooms of the hotels where he slept while traveling

29) A collection of boxes of Pringles

30) a collection of shark teeth


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