30 things that look like something else

What you think you see is not always reality! You will be able to see it again today with 30 things that look like something else.

30 things that look like something else

Our imaginations and our brains can deceive us. You think you are seeing something, but in reality it is a whole different thing for you to observe. We had already seen it last year with 35 things that look like something else. This phenomenon is called pareidolia, we identify something that cannot be identified. Today we’re bringing you 30 new things that look like something different.

1) A valley? Not just the top of a wooden pole

2) a baby dragon? No, just an Ouroborus Cataphractus lizard

3) A painting by Van Gogh? No, just color in a pebble

4) the cat’s shadow? No, just a black cat

5) A caterpillar wearing penguin Christmas sweaters

6) Grandma’s last job? Not a frozen spider web

7) A forest in a pebble

8) The launch of a rocket? No, just light trees

9) a baby bear? No, just a wet dog

10) Saturn? No, just the moon with the clouds

11) A picture of the room? No, just a bolt of lightning in a window with raindrops

12) a cat who has an idea

13) a snake? No snake colored butterfly

14) lava? No, just a sunset

15) A pine cone? No, just a baby bird

16) a painting? No, just a window

17) a baby hippopotamus? Not just a guinea pig

18) A valley? No, just a puddle in a rock with algae

19) eggs? No, just pebbles on the beach

20) An Arizona tea ad? No, just a tree in front of a house

21) a painting? No, just a window

22) giant legos? Not just a ventilation system under the snow

23) a stuffed dog? No, just an amazed dog

24) A cozy apartment? Not just the inside of an acoustic guitar

25) You will only see them once …

26) A mini broom? No, just a dried flower

27) a mosaic? No rice fields in the aerial view

28) a strange sex toy? No, just a can opener

29) aliens? No, just clouds

30) a sex toy? No, a USB hub

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