30 photos that show the raging heat on our planet

Years pass and climatic conditions continue to deteriorate. In many countries around the world, metrologists have recorded record runs, as was the case in America last June. These are extremely violent, both for humans and for the animals, which are forced to look for the smallest bit of shade in order not to suffocate. Since pictures are better than words, here are 30 photos for you that perfectly illustrate how recent heat waves have affected the daily lives of thousands of living things.

1) This Australian puppy cannot sleep without a cold can

2) After temperatures of 40 ° C, these residents are happy about a little rain

3) In Egypt the sidewalk was so hot that this security dog ​​was forced to wear slippers

4) These seagulls have found their little haven in Florida

5) this heat made it possible to cook a steak

6) This Parisian is looking for new ways to keep his dog hydrated

7) No better solution to the heat

8) In the UK these cans exploded in their dispenser

9) In Australia the days were so hot that this wax Buddha did not survive

10) In Turkey this ice cream parlor is stormed by kittens

11) in India even the streets are melting

12) These candles melted in a weird way because of the heat

13) Korea did not escape the heat wave either to see this dog

14) Hot supporters, but not crazy …

15) In Puerto Rico, even the fans are not heat resistant

16) the moose was really thirsty

17) This Brazilian is developing a new way to avoid sunstroke

18) When the heat decided to steal your last bottle …

19) This pen was left in a van

20) these sheep can only rely on this wind turbine

21) Those plastic trash cans didn’t hold up

22) Temperature recorded on Australian soil during a hot spring

23) Glass cannot withstand either

24) This lady needs to be really desperate to think about it

25) in Thailand, the heat made this dog take a small bath in public

26) fun Easter chocolate

27) A Solution for Dealing with Extreme Temperatures in California

28) this Australian’s thong melted in the heat

29) Soaps don’t last in Australia

30) this fox no longer has the strength to move

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