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“30 Monedas”: The new Spanish super series is a story of terror and tension

“30 Monedas”: The new Spanish super series is a story of terror and tension

Produced by HBO, it takes us to a paranormal world on the rural side of Spain.

A story of paranormal tension.

It’s a story of ancient treason: Judas betrayed Jesus Christ in exchange for 30 coins. But what if these coins existed today? What if they could give you access to a powerful weapon? What if a small town became a battlefield between earth and hell?

Directed by Álex de la Iglesia, “30 Monedas” is the latest major Spanish production and further proof that television novels are really to be taken seriously in the neighboring country, such as the recent examples from “Elite”, “A Mão de Midas” and of course “La Casa de Papel”.

It was a total of 27 weeks of filming, still at a time when traveling was easier and no mask had to be worn. Filming included visits to Rome, Jerusalem, New York, Madrid and Salamanca. Most of the action was filmed for two months in the small Spanish village of Pedraza.

“It is perhaps the most beautiful village in Spain, a hard, stone, very dry place”, “El Pais” described a lively Álex de la Iglesia and explained that there was a “Gothic” ambience in a remote place that worked perfectly for a story that the series creator calls “epic horror”.

“30 Monedas” introduces us to Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández), a former boxer and ex-convict whom the Vatican sent to a parish on the outskirts of Spain. Your arrival will coincide with strange phenomena. With him there are two other unlikely heroes who will fight against supernatural forces: the veterinarian Elena (Megan Montaner) and the mayor Paco (played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who fans of “Sense 8” will surely recognize).

Vergara, the priest, has one of the 30 coins with which the apostle Judas betrayed Jesus Christ. Its mission is to make sure it stays out of the clutches of evil – to whom, in the style of the Lord of the Rings, it would give infinite power.

The series features moments of drama, suspense, and action combined with an atmosphere of terror, bizarre creatures, and some violence, with that biblical secret always at hand. “The story starts with the idea that there are unfamiliar biblical texts that they control and that really control the world of religion,” explains Iglesia.

The director who made himself known in “O Dia da Besta” (1995) is no stranger to these wanderings of terror and fantastic cinema. He is a fan and personal friend of Guillermo del Toro, a Mexican filmmaker who has long since become a Hollywood habit and who has an inspiring classic in “The Labyrinth of the Faun”.

With “30 Monedas”, Iglesia promises to take a few steps into tension with a series that promises to leave the viewer in doubt about what will happen next. This series was also challenging in terms of production. The scenes of the eight episodes were filmed simultaneously in different locations. To this end, a series-style book was created “To Control the Emotional Scars of the Series” to ensure that the emotions maintain a believable and meaningful sequence.

Sometimes in the eternal struggle of good against evil, the big question is where the latter is hiding. This is what the viewer will discover when Father Vergara confronts metaphorical and, moreover, demonic demons that haunt the village.

“30 Monedas” premiered on HBO last Sunday, November 29th. The eight episodes of the first season are now available on the streaming platform.



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