30 Mario secrets to discover on the streets of France


Everyone knows Mario Bros and his costume consisting of blue jumpsuit and red cap with the M stamp. But have you ever wondered what he would look like if he had different costumes?

This French street artist just did that as part of a project he shares with us. This artist calls himself Inthewoup on Instagram and does pixel art. As part of his project called MARIO WORLDZ, he wondered what it would be like to see Mario Bros in different costumes if he dressed up like other pop culture characters from the Dragon Ball franchises, Street Fighter, Marvel and many more.

Worn by the Dorothée Club and video games, it is also inspired by the world of books, manga and board games to imagine the Nintendo character while cosplaying. Then he creates mosaics that he spreads on the streets everywhere, especially in Lyon, Villeurbanne or even Croatia. The result is great, and around a building you can spot a Mario in Gandalf, Pikachu, Iron Man or Loki, as well as a variety of characters from pop culture!

We let you discover his creations below and if you want to follow him you can subscribe to his Instagram account.

Mario x Eisenmann

Mario x loki

Mario x pikachu

Mario x Joker

Mario x The Mask

Mario x Mickey Mouse

Mario x Gandalf

Mario x sonic

Mario x piccolo

Mario x Blanka

Mario x Charmander

Mario x Hellboy

Mario x Peter Pan

Mario x Squirtle

Mario x Donkey Kong

Mario x Aladdin

Mario x Donald Duck

Mario x Totoro

Mario x Blitz

Mario x Smurf

Mario x batman

Mario x Mega Man

Mario x Lucky Luke

Mario x Omni Man

Mario x Rick

Mario x Luffy

Mario x Woody

Mario x Chun Li

Mario x Snow White

Mario x Goku