30 incredible metamorphoses into pop culture characters

If you’ve been following our articles for a long time, the name Charlotte Roberts should ring a vague bell. We would like to introduce this fabulous artist to you. The young make-up artist, who is only 18 years old, is known for her incredible transformations along with her big sister, which are shared on Instagram.

This make-up artist transforms into famous pop culture characters

Two years ago, Abby and Charlotte Roberts blinded us with their talent on social media. Today the young Charlotte, then 16 years old, continues to live from her passion for make-up. The make-up artist regularly does us the honor of sharing her improbable metamorphoses into key figures in pop culture. Here are 30 new creations that caught our attention.

1) Voldemort

2) Mystical

3) Ursula

4) Lady Gaga

5) Gollum

6) Marie-Antoinette

7) The Grinch

8) Draculaura

9) Billy Butcherson

10) Bellatrix Lestrange

11) Marylin Monroe

12) Tate Langdon

13) Joker

14) David Bowie

15) Styxx River

16) Cruella

17) Sweeney Todd

18) Tiffany Valentine’s Day

19) Shrek

20) Scarah screams

21) Venus Mcflytrap

22) It is

23) Ken Kaneki

24) Miss Argentina

25) Post Malone

26) Effie Trinket

27) WandaVision

28) Timothée Chalamey

29) Gamora

30) buddy

Curious how Charlotte Roberts can achieve such a result? Discover its creation process in this short video that focuses on the character of Perry, the platypus.

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