30 dishes that look absolutely dirty (part 3)


Generally when we go to a restaurant it is to eat well, to change the dishes we usually have at home. But given the money we spend, it is normal that we are a little bit demanding when we are served. However, it sometimes happens that the dishes that are brought to us are not very appetizing because they are missing or presented a little too “original”. The We Want Plates subreddit allows its users to share their original, but often uninspiring experiences that we wouldn’t believe if we didn’t see them. We have selected 30 of them.

# 1 30 wings and tons of sauce visibly swung at random

# 2 a presentation that falls flat

# 3 a dessert served … on a sandal !?

# 4 a very (very) cheap presentation

# 5 a cocktail with its garnish of minced steak

# 6 at least we’re sure it’s chicken

# 7 it’s pretty, but not very hygienic

# 8 I think it’s contemporary art

# 9 we think of covid and it’s not appetizing: nothing is right

Legend # 10 has it that it is fish and chips

# 11 Tutorial: Gaining 50 pounds in a dessert

# 12 not practical to eat those tacos

# 13 original presentation, but a burger to work with

# 14 no, putting on pretty flowers isn’t enough to make up for that

# 15 I prefer the classic Caesar salad

# 16 the photo speaks for itself

# 17 as unsavory as it is poorly presented

# 18 Eat chocolate and imagine it’s dirt … bad idea

# 19 it just doesn’t look like anything

# 20 Fat, fat, fat

# 21 Bread served in a bag

# 22 who seriously wants to eat this?

# 23 drinking won’t be practical

# 24 Lady Gaga?

# 25 but why in a measuring cup !?

# 26 is that citrus mousse or just slime?

# 27 Too much sauce kills the sauce

# 28 I will never eat chocolate mousse again

# 29 all that’s cheese and sauce that hangs we gotta stop …

# 30 … the proof with this pasta Bolognese

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