30 dark humor stories with terrible endings

We regularly pay tribute to the very impressive and diverse work of Ben Chen, an artist who enjoys exploring pop culture and loves black humor. Today we brought you 30 new comics the artist created, and all of them have terrible, even terrifying, endings. We’ll let you discover them without further delay.

1) “legs”

2) “Legs II”

3) “The Gingerbread Man II”

4) “breaking bricks”

5) “the sandman”

6) “the love letter”


8) “Protection from the rain”

9) “groceries”

10) “Igloo”

11) “Knife Throwing”

12) “the bride and groom”

13) “muscular mouse”

14) “ski”

15) “the spirit of the magic lamp”

16) “the mushroom man II”

17) “The Snail Man II”

18) “sneak peek”

19) “disability”

20) “portrait”

21) “close”

22) “kidnapping”

23) “Christmas present”

24) “big nose”

25) “the ladies room”

26) “Bubble Tea”

27) “murderer”

28) “binoculars”

29) “bouncing bed”

30) “the mushroom man”

For your part, which board surprised you the most? We’ll let you answer this question in our comment area! And if you want to find his previous drawings (which aren’t comic strips) you’ve come to the right place. You can also find this artist through his profile on social networks.

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