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30 Bad Taste Interior design and architecture fail

It is not an architect or interior designer who wants! It is not easy to start decorating your home and do it with good taste if you are not a professional. But some people still get into this business by going it alone. And the least we can say is that sometimes they just would have been better delegated!

In fact, at Hitek we have already presented several selections of interior design and architecture mistakes. Doubtful choice of colors for a room, in a place that is at least bizarrely arranged, toilets or even stairs that are not really practical … In short, you will see the worst of the worst in this new selection of photos that you can in architecture do! And frankly, you’ll tell yourself that these people really should have consulted an expert in the field.

#1 PLACE THE GAS STOVE in the center of the kitchen

#2 Where is there still room for the toilets?

#3 all you have to do is move the fridge when you want to do your laundry

#4 We had one stick left, we didn’t know what to do with it

#5 Once you’ve gotten the wheels well aimed, feel free to head to the garage

#6 a bit steep and narrow these stairs…

#7 why? Just why?

#8 You walk through the doors, but only in profile

#9 makes us think of something else, doesn’t it?

#10 accidents are inevitable!

The 11 smallest kitchen island in the world

#12 why always center everything?

#13 a bit of green when bathing

#14 There was still room for the bathtub in the kitchen

#15 we always try to understand…

#16 new concept

#17 if you don’t want your toilets in the bathroom

#18 It’s a style…special, but a style

#19 Does it meet earthquake-proof standards?

#20 No, it won’t bother anyone!

#21 Rust color, trend 2022

#22 nice floor

#23 Rococo Style 10000 achievement

#24 in architecture, safety comes first

#25 when you always wanted to live in a club

#26 is it a bathtub or a gladiator chariot?

#27 Watch out for the steps

#28 to sit in the middle of the bathroom

#29 We honestly don’t know what room we’re in…

#30 We decided to place the fireplace directly in front of the facade


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