28 things you see on TV shows that aren’t in real life


Some time ago we offered you to experience 25 things that are normal in movies but absolutely not in real life. You seemed to like the concept so much that we came up with the idea of ​​offering you the same concept, but in a production version. Here are 28 things we only see in the series, as the latter would be completely impossible (and unlikely) in real life.

1) the psychopath who turns into a charming prince

We still remember what Chuck does to Jenny at the beginning of Gossip Girl when he becomes Blair’s Prince Charming at the end of the series.

2) the school no longer exists every day

We see it regularly in series with children or young people: the school no longer exists. We can imagine that the days shown to us are exclusively days of rest (weekends or holidays), but if it is too much, it is too much.

3) no person has the same first name in a whole series (and even if the person is called Camille or Gabriel, there will only be one)

4) Adults play the role of 16 year old high school students, which leads to a shift in reality

5) the characters have a dream body at the age of 15 (allegedly in puberty)

6) characters hug after making love without taking the time to clean up beforehand

7) Characters never need to throw or wipe a condom

8) incredible breakfast neglected by kids who only eat a small piece of croissant (and more)

9) Cities are always clean and sparkling

10) The characters’ instinct for survival is sometimes negative in dramatic situations

11) The characters are great when they wake up or in the middle of a nightmare

There are two options in the series. Either the awakening is pleasant, in which case the character wakes up with a sleek, beautiful, rested face, styled hair, and fresh mint breath, or the character has had a terrible nightmare, in which case he wakes up falling out of bed screaming. Either way, the pictures are misleading, or we missed something …

12) Characters recover from a dramatic situation in no time

No matter how hard people go through Hell, they won’t take 10 years of therapy to forget about them, and they will continue to lie to the police without feeling guilty. Impressive !

13) the characters are still friends after monstrous filth

14) The time you spend with friends when everyone has a job really matters

15) Weddings never go as planned, but even the most stressed-out bride will end up accepting it

16) Babies are almost always silent

17) people order a beer at the bar without specifying which one they want (but they are always happy)

18) Children break up investigations that have experienced police officers breaking their teeth

19) Families who say they have “money problems” still lead good lifestyles

20) Drinking alcohol causes hallucinations in some series

21) there is always parking everywhere

22) People just hang out all the time and nobody cares

23) when someone is sick, the whole world goes to bed in the hospital

24) the characters can go to a restaurant for a cocktail, eat simple chips, and leave

25) Teachers spend more time in the staff room than teaching

26) People quit overnight on a whim with no plan for the future

27) babysitters are walking the streets, everyone ready to help raise children

28) You can skip a meeting to see a friend who is badly and there will be no work impact

And you, have you ever seen things that happen on the show that might not exist in reality? We are waiting for your answers in our comment section! And if you want to continue your swing, we invite you to discover our previous article on the 6 myths that the films present to us, but in reality they are completely wrong.