28 themed arenas you’ll love to fight in

The world of Pokémon is an incredible universe. We all remember Pokémania when we were little, but we mustn’t forget what Pokémon Go generated when it launched. Capturing all the little critters from our childhood on the streets of our city was and is a pleasure for many fans. An activity shared by young and old that will allow some smart people to have fun by creating themed arenas as the number of games is becoming more stable now.

Pokémon Go: increasingly crazy arenas

Perhaps you completely missed the Pokémon Go craze that hit the world around 2016 when the game was released. And nobody can blame you for that. What interests us today is the arenas. There are three “families” in the game, commonly called in Koh Lanta fashion: “the blues”, “the reds” and “the yellows”. By choosing a faction, the player defends his colors and must conquer arenas in order to earn coins and equipment. Even if the combat system of the game is rather simple, there is a real attack and defense strategy in these famous arenas.

Since the player has to physically move in order to access it, Niantic has relaxed the distance at which it is possible to interact with the locations. However, not all arenas are in constant competition. It happens that some are available to a faction because the defense they contain has a certain charm. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, with arenas all crazier than the others. All of these arenas come from the Reddit thread r / themedgyms, which shares all of these little nuggets with us. Otherwise, a recent post got fans to vote for the best and worst Pokémon of each generation. You can find the article right here.

# 1 a wrong tree and a dead tree

Two brothers despite the differences.

“Come on … someone drops a manzai …

# 2 guns and roses

Note on the rock group, for the youngest.

# 3 Three tall muscular guys spin in circles

You have to go around in circles.

3 guys turn around. A topic between the arenas

# 4 Little whale and mummy whale in the blue whale arena

Big and small whales in the blue whale park

# 5 when you start an arena

A semi-aquatic Pokémon arena

I tried starting a pond / aquatic habitat theme. With that we have come the furthest.

# 6 Would you take a green again?

It’s not that easy to be green

# 7 Almost all developments

Does this camouflage work?

# 8 We all dreamed of this

Do you know which is Nidoking and which Nidoqueen is?

Blue throne

# 9 A Christmassy Cerfrousse in front of the father’s sleigh

Hope someone will continue the topic!

# 10 An abandoned bookstore that isn’t very welcoming …

I am not sure if you want to study there after midnight.

I was scared in there

# 11 and a ghost side dish for Halloween

In honor of the horror season

# 12 An ice rink inhabited by types of ice cream? Logic.

Keep them cool

# 13 Karate kid and father

I believe there is a battle ahead between these two bitter rivals.

# 14 A statue and developments for the dead

Rhinoferos is completely out of place here as it is literally the first named Pokémon in the game, and it can be found on the statues from the early games.

Rhino protects York veterans

# 15 Three noseless Pokémon in the nose park

This had to be found.

Too bad it’s not in a hospital

# 16 “Friends can’t raid, but Raichu can

Raichus regional form of Alola uses its tail as surf. Ironically, this (accidental) raid ended up in an arena called Boyfriends Can’t Surf.

Is it important? (an ironic assault)

# 17 The gang of those who scratch your bread

The gang of little birds

# 18 an arena filled with golden Pokémon

It’s a brilliant idea!

An arena that shines like urine

# 19 Pokemon plants theme

For everyone with a green thumb

So benevolent, a theme in the garden

# 20 A happy family

# 21 The Pokémon version of the duck pond

I know the difference between pond ducks and diving ducks

# 22 That kids are ready to steal candy

Trick or treat !

# 23 a chenipan who believes he is in the big leagues

Chenipan brought his older friends with him to help fight a villain who molested him

# 24 How many heads can you enter in an arena?

Gather your heads

# 25 The hardest part is finding the flattest Pokémon possible

I’ve tried something new.

# 26 a “cherry chocolate” theme

# 27 la vie en rose

# 28 Turn an arena into a disco club

DJ Ramboum brings everyone to the dance floor!

We hope you enjoyed this small selection. In the meantime, you can find the latest information on upcoming games like Legends: Arceus by clicking right here.

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