27 dark illustrations that testify to the problems of our society


Art can help us better understand our emotions and the world we live in. For this reason, today we wanted to introduce you to an Indian digital artist named Sarang Bhagat. The latter creates thought-provoking illustrations that can make you see things around you differently. So here are 27 mostly relatively gloomy illustrations that testify to the problems of our society today.

1) a badly fallen cupid arrow

2) Cryptocurrency dominates the world

3) fall to shreds

4) Cigarettes, the scourge of some

5) Art after Photoshop

6) bring your desires to life

7) help others when you need help yourself

8) Giving someone back the will to live

9) Photo editing is the best weapon in our society to appear

10) black swan replaces white swan after pain

11) Behind every success there are many failures

12) Today’s news has changed a lot

13) don’t touch my horn

14) Be addicted to technology and social media

15) the world is on fire let’s dance one last time

16) Tragic events are hidden behind my cold man mask

17) “Look how I smile on social networks, my life is beautiful”

18) Don’t touch my antlers

19) be caged in society, just as birds are caged

20) Feel what it takes to be a lion

21) don’t take away my defenses

22) apologize, don’t fix what’s broken

23) impossible love

24) Have confidence

25) See all the abilities of the world in yourself

26) can only see through your cell phone

27) Reality is less funny than on TV

If you liked this artist’s work, you can find his work on his Instagram account. And if you want to keep the momentum going, check out our previous articles for the work of Pawel Kuczynski (an artist who works on the same concept: highlighting the problems of our society).