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25 People Who Had A Way Worse Day Than Yours

It’s Monday, the beginning of the week, and generally it’s not the day we love. Back to work and routine while impatiently waiting for the weekend to return. We hope nothing goes wrong to attack this new week and sometimes we can say that some people are really unlucky.

Sometimes certain people are unlucky. Unfortunately, when the karma is not there, it is often a disaster for them. This goes for all those people who got up this morning and made sure not to hit the ground left foot first to avoid a bad day. Tough luck, you’ll find these guys had a really, really bad start to the week!

We let you discover this selection of photos of unfortunate situations and we hope that today you are not in the same situation! Here are 25 people who had a much worse day than you.


#2 We always calculate the probability that one day it will happen

#3 This should be lunch

#4 In two spoonfuls he became Spider-Man

#5 Put your car under cover to avoid scratches

#6 If you push a little, it can happen…

#7 The dog, man’s best friend? Yes that’s it

#8 when you discover ratatouille in your kitchen

#9 the risks of the job, as they say

#10 FRAGILE… FRAGILE… what does that mean exactly?

#11 Someone will waste a lot of time upon arrival

#12 When the soap dispenser looks like the olive oil one…

#13 When you visit the Grand Canyon to enjoy the view… and it’s snowing

#14 Don’t go, someone will take your call

#15 Basically, I wanted to wear perfume, not plumbing

#16 You know it’s cold when your doormat looks like this

#17 Not sure if this sweater was tumble dryable

#18 Someone needs to drink soup

#19 At the time of purchase VS a few months later

#20 I better understand why I haven’t heard anything

#21 Warning, this tool can be extremely dangerous

#22 If you want to play Fort Boyard before you go to work

#23 That’s what we call “bad luck”

#24 Don’t remove the coffee maker!

#25 When everyone knew the boss gave us our day… except you!


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