25% off this Bose SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition wireless speaker!

Your music is best when it follows you everywhere, both when you are cooking at home and when you are walking your dog in the park. While headphones are useful in some ways, they can sometimes be bulky and the sound is not shared. Sometimes a good quality speaker is an ideal alternative. Hitek found the SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition from Bose for you.

SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition: The atmosphere will be there

The SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition is the perfect combination of performance and elegance. The device is supplied in the form of an ultra-compact aluminum housing in black color. Its lightness (700 g) is a significant advantage as it can be easily transported. On the performance side, the Bose product is no exception. Compared to its competitors, it is particularly notable for its very pronounced bass and the power of the sound it produces. As a result, compressed audio files can easily occur.

To simplify and optimize connectivity, the box has 5 buttons. Other devices can be connected to the SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition via the telephone jack or the USB port. For example, you can associate it with your TV to make the most of your favorite films.

The Bluetooth connection can cover a radius of 9 meters and has improved memory. It can then automatically reconnect to the last eight connected devices. In terms of battery life, this new model is 20% more resilient than the SoundLink Mini. It can be used for 12 hours without charging. You can also use this device to answer a call or interact with your smart assistant thanks to the built-in microphone.

The SoundLink Mini 2 II Special Edition normally costs € 159.99, but is currently only available for € 119.99 or 25% off. The article has a two-year guarantee. You can also get a 3 year warranty by adding € 24.99. Also note that you have 15 days to change your mind and receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. (In case you are looking for another alternative, Hitek invites you to check out this Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar, which is currently available at a great price. You will be impressed!

3 reasons to buy now?

Sound quality practicality battery life

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