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25 canceled projects we wish we’d seen in cinemas

If The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, you are probably most familiar with its film production arm, Walt Disney Studios. Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, his animated feature films have multiplied and regularly enjoy international success. But the journey of Walt Disney Studios is not just one long calm river, and many projects were canceled before they even saw the light of day. Back to those films that we would have liked to have seen in the cinema.

roger rabbit 2

The anthropomorphic bunny whose skin was sought in 1988 was set to return for a new adventure, but also for a prequel. Eventually both projects were cancelled.

wild life

GB Shaw’s play Pygmalion will ultimately never be adapted by Disney. As a reminder, we follow a London linguist as he tries to turn an uneducated florist into a real lady.

Max and the Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are)

Disney’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s novel will be canceled when the rights are bought by Universal, which will make it live-action.

tam lin

Tam Lin is the hero of a legendary Scottish ballad. The Disney project never took shape, but the character still had movie rights in 1970.

dummy 2

The big-eared elephant will never make a comeback.


Le Roman de Renart, a series of medieval animal tales, was set to be adapted by Disney, but it never got past the initial sketch stage.


Intended as a reinterpretation of fairytale stereotypes in a fantasy universe, Nimona’s production was halted after Disney closed the Blue Sky (Ice Age) studio. Rumor has it that the film was recorded en route by another studio.

Don Quixote

Disney Studios had considered an adaptation of the famous novel since its inception, but the project never materialized.

The seven Dwarves

The prequel to the first Disney animated film would have told us about the meeting of the seven dwarfs and the evil queen’s arrival on the throne.

bend catfish

Catfish Bend was intended to adapt a series of novels that followed the adventures of various animals living in swamps.

the three little pigs

A remake of The Three Little Pigs planned for the early 2000s never saw the light of day.

the graveyard book

The Graveyard Book would have adapted a talking novel about a young man raised by spirits and by Silas, a being living and dead.

the gremlins

Before the films, the Gremlins may have appeared in an animated film adapted from a Roald Dahl novel, specifically behind the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book.

The haunted house

Guillermo Del Toro could have made a horror film based on the famous Disney attraction.

Morgan’s ghost

Mickey, Donal and Goofy are said to have come to the aid of a parrot in search of pirate Henry Morgan’s treasure.

the shadow king

The Shadow King is about a young New York orphan who learns to bring the shadows of his hands to life.

some good spirits

A few good spirits should have allowed us to haunt dolls possessed by the spirits of a little boy’s deceased parents. Creepy.

yellow submarine

Yellow Submarine was to be a remake of the cartoon, taking inspiration from the Beatles song.


Gigantic was set to adapt the story from Jack and the Beanstalk.

The king of the elves

The Elf King was reportedly adapted from a novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick.

scared cat

Fraidy Cat, a parody of Hitchcock’s film noir, was canceled without explanation.

the muppets

A series about the famous marionettes should see the light of day. But the marketing campaign organized by broadcaster ABC failed to convince the public. The project was cancelled.


Newt was repeatedly pushed back and eventually canceled in favor of Cars 2. Two mutually hating Newts would have been the last survivors on Earth.

fantasy 3

Fantasia was released in 1940 and was entitled to a sequel, Fantasia 2000, in 1999. However, the latter achieved a very low score at the box office. Maybe a sequel in 60 years?


What could be more natural than ending in death? This is a distinct character in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. But Disney never managed to acquire the rights.

Despite the many canceled projects, there is nothing to complain about as many films from the Disney studios are accessible to us… Unless the company makes a radical decision.


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