25 actors who built muscle for superhero movies


To act in superhero films, some actors go through a real physical transformation. Today we invite you to discover 25 actors who built muscle for their roles as superheroes.

25 actors who built muscle to become a superhero

Since the early 2000s with Super-Men and Spider-Man, superheroes have increasingly taken over our screens. Before that there were of course the films Batman and Superman, but the era of superheroes really started with mutants and Spider-Man. It didn’t escape you, superheroes are generally super-muscular, which isn’t always the case with their interpreters before they play in the movie. In our before / after of the day we invite you to discover the physical development of different actors and actresses for their role as superheroes. You will be able to see that for some it is a real physical transformation.

1) Chris Pratt / Star-Lord

2) Jason Momoa / Aquaman

3) Chadwick Boseman / Black Panther

4) Benedict Cumberbatch / Dr. Strange

5) Brie Larson / Captain Marvel

6) Scarlet Johansson / Black Widow

7) Hugh Jackman / Wolverine

8) Tobey Maguire / Spider-Man

9) Christian Bale / Batman

10) Robert Downey Jr. / Iron Man

11) Paul Rudd / Ant-Man

12) Chris Hemsworth / Thor

13) Chris Evans / Captain America

14) Ben Affleck / Batman

15) Zachary Levi / Shazam

16) Tom Holland / Spider-Man

17) Sebastian Stan / Bucky

18) Mark Rufallo / Bruce Banner

19) Jeremy Renner / Clint Barton

20) Josh Brolin / Cable & Thanos

21) Kumail Nanjiani / Kingo Sunen (The Eternals)

22) Anthony Mackie / Sam Wilson

23) Henry Cavill / Superman

24) Ryan Reynolds / Deadpool

25) Tom Hardy / Bane

Bonus: JK Simmons / Jonah Jameson

It’s the other way around here, JK Simmons did bodybuilding after his time in Spider-Man.

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