2,400 artists got the same animation sequence, here’s what they did with it


By surfing the internet, and Reddit in particular, it’s possible to get your hands on little wonders that you can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes these are fun moments shared with a community and other real artistic creations that we love to admire. And since we know you like videos with compelling concepts that encourage creativity, we decided to share our latest find with you.

Nice competition

Competition can sometimes act as a driving force in the minds of the most competitive. This also applies to the arts, where competitions can be organized to encourage artists to get the most out of themselves. This then provides a means of outdoing yourself which ultimately enables the best possible service under the eyes of a stunned audience.

In any case, the Youtuber-Pwnisher must have imagined this when he launched his own competition called “Alternate Realities CG Challenge”. She invited 2,400 3D artists to do their best to turn a simple animation into a much more personal animated work.

Each of them was put on an equal footing and given the same tools. And it took roughly 66 hours for each artist to create just five short seconds of their animated sequence.

See for yourself, the result is simply amazing. In this video you will find the 100 best creations from these artists. Your work is garish to say the least and therefore testifies to the growing creativity in our artists’ minds. The five best of them have also been awarded several prizes from various companies in the industry.

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