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23,318 new corona infections reported | Free press

The partial lockdown has been running for five weeks, but the number of new infections and the number of deaths remains high.

Berlin (dpa) – According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), health authorities in Germany reported 23,318 new corona infections within one day early Saturday morning. Exactly a week ago the value was 21,695 new infections.

With 483 new deaths from the coronavirus within 24 hours, it reached the second highest level since the outbreak of the pandemic. Last Wednesday, the previous peak was reached with 487 deaths. A total of 18,517 people in Germany died with or with involvement of a proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 (as of December 5 00:00). According to the RKI, a total of 1,153,556 people have been infected with the virus since the start of the pandemic.

According to Friday’s RKI management report, the so-called seven-day R-value was 1.04 (previous day: 0.94). This means that 100 infected people infect 104 more people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If the value remains below 1 for a longer period, the infection rate decreases.


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