23 pet owners share their greatest fear in photos

France had more than 63 million pets at the last census. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, the list is long and sometimes exotic. But these furry, feathery, or scaly friends are sometimes the source of great anxiety. Like our dear little blond heads, animals don’t hesitate to spray themselves with red to mimic blood, claim to bring back human bones, or even kill them while they sleep. Scary at first, these moments in life are just a nice piece of fun. At the same time, it’s better to laugh than cry, isn’t it? And on Twitter, some pet owners shared beautiful horrors, the ones that got them close to having a heart attack. But don’t worry, everything is fine, that ends well.

# 1 if your dog is digging in your tomatoes

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# 2 surprise

# 3 an exotic gift

# 4 as nifty as it is bleak

# 5 mouth full of red

# 6 the opposum technique

# 7 a rabbit like no other

# 8 Cats, those wonders of nature

Dragon fruit peeling No. 9

# 10 Lack of taste in particular

# 11 of the Papal Council

# 12 half dog, half trunk

# 13 a hole in the stomach

# 14 poor animal

# 15 an extra paw

# 16 one leg less

# 17 Tiger Inu

# 18 good evening

# 19 and still look innocent

# 20 the opossum technique v2

# 21 a damn good smile

# 22 a very graceful position

# 23 Flexibility above all

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