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21 things to take away from the Super Bowl trailer

To coincide with the Super Bowl, a new trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was unveiled that rocked the internet. In question: new elements and the confirmation of certain emblematic characters. We invite you to discover 21 things you absolutely had to remember from this new trailer.

1) doctor strange nightmare

The Doctor Strange 2 trailer begins with Stephen Strange discussing a recurring nightmare in which he sees the decaying Sanctum Sanctorum surrounded by skeletal remains. Will Sam Raimi let us benefit from his horror experience, he who directed the Evil Dead movies? This trailer certainly proves to us that the director can take a very unique look at the Multiverse, and a particularly somber, even chilling, look at certain elements.

2) the case of Kamar-Taj

The Doctor Strange 2 trailer shows the magical kingdom of Kamar-Taj being attacked. This is manifested at one point by a black cloud descending to the roof of the house of the master of mystic arts, which looks like a temple, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem that the fight will end in favor of the sorcerers, because explosions tear up the landscape.

3) The forces of America Chavez against a monster of the multiverse

New heroine America Chavez reveals her powers as a star-shaped portal ripping through the fabric of the universe while bound by a spell cast by Doctor Strange. Upon closer inspection, however, we find that these connections belong to a mysterious demon from the multiverse and not a Doctor Strange spell.

4) Doctor Strange Defender

Another variant of Doctor Strange is introduced to us for the very first time: Doctor Strange Defender (who seems to have been sucked into one of America Chavez’s portals). With a new costume and distinctive white streaks in her hair, this variation would normally lend America Chavez a helping hand. By the way, the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl TV commercial showed a better look at the character, here:

Our usual Doctor Strange might be a mix of good and evil, as Doctor Strange Defender would be Light and Sinister Strange, which we’ll get to below, would be Darkness. A pretty sympathetic theory, but one that has yet to be proven.

5) A first reference to no way home

Doctor Strange says, “I did what I had to do to protect our world,” to which Wong replies, “You can’t control everything, Strange. You have opened a door between universes, and we do not know who or what will cross it.” This is a reference to what Doctor Strange was doing in Spider-Man: No Way Home when he cast the spell that allowed Spider-Man to Allowed Man villains from other universes to sneak into their universe.

6) dr Christine Palmer, the return

In the previous Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness trailer, we got a look at the wedding of Dr. Christine Palmer thrown. It then appeared that the latter was going to marry someone else, referring to two possibilities: either the latter broke up with Stephen after the 2016 film Doctor Strange, or it’s a scene belonging to another universe, that exists in the multiverse.

7) a new insight into intrah

We’ve seen Rintrah before, but this image is probably the clearest we’ve seen. In the comics, Rintrah is an intelligent being from the extradimensional planet R’Vaal. He then became Doctor Strange’s sorcerer’s apprentice.

8) Doctor Strange has to pay

Altering reality is a crime and Stephen Strange must now answer for his actions. The character is therefore tried for his crimes after simply trying to get Peter Parker into college. The wizard’s hands are bound with high-tech handcuffs, suggesting that another police force is keeping the timelines sacred, apparently with even greater power than the TVA.

9) Ultron robots are inspired by the design of the What If? comics. age of ultron

Also, the Ultron robots wearing Doctor Strange look like Ultron’s design in the comic book version of What If? very similar. age of ultron.

10) Professor Xavier

The person speaking to Doctor Strange has a suspicious appearance (and has the voice of) Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, in the 20th Century Fox X-Men films. It seems that the rumors are true and that Doctor Strange may indeed meet the Illuminati.

11) the Illuminati

When Stephen Strange enters the room where Professor Xavier will intervene, seats appear in the back of the room that appear to be destined for the Illuminati present in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, the Illuminati are a secretive group that formed after the Kree-Skrull War. This group consists of particularly powerful heroes who are representative of the various hero groups in the Marvel Universe. It is not a group meant to fight together, its members are already part of other teams, often as leaders or leaders. On the contrary, this group aims to coordinate the existing teams. In this group often appear in the comics:

12) wild country

This image that we observe in the trailer is very similar to the wild land of the comics, especially with its tropical jungles and its dinosaurs. This land is first described in the 10th installment of the Uncanny X-Men series, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. In the comics, the Savage Land is located in Antarctica, but was created by the Nuwali aliens as a kind of reserve, which explains the presence of a jungle and dinosaurs in the middle of a frozen land.

It remains to be seen whether the Savage Land will be a forgotten (or hidden) part of planet Earth and this universe, or whether this land will become a land belonging to another universe in the next Doctor Strange film.

13) Sinister Odd or Doctor Odd Supreme?

There are different theories as to which variant of Doctor Strange is on screen. According to some fans, this is the Doctor Strange Supreme from What If…? (commonly called “Dark Strange” in France), but according to other netizens, it appears to be Sinister Strange, a more powerful and darker version of the character.

14) a being of light

We then see a character with flying abilities and radiant. The latter intervenes to fight against Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch. It could presumably be a variant of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Some even speculate that it could be Maria or Monica Rambeau. If the character is actually Maria, then the character we see here is likely a variant. If that’s Monica, we last saw her using her powers in WandaVision, and maybe we’ll see her better mastered here.

15) Gargantos again

As in the film’s first trailer, at various points in the trailer we get glimpses of Gargantos, a gigantic, tentacled monster fighting America Chavez and Doctor Strange.

16) a memorial to Doctor Strange

Towards the end of the trailer, Doctor Strange can be seen gazing at a statue of himself. If Stephen Strange travels through time and the multiverse, he could be staring at New York City long after his death. If the statue is any real indication, then Stephen Strange will be considered a hero after his death, despite his reckless and potentially disastrous actions.

17) wanda back to westview

During the trailer, we note that despite its destruction, Wanda Maximoff returns to Westview, more specifically to her and Vision’s house.

18) mordo vs weird

As in the first trailer, we notice Karl Mordo attacking Doctor Strange. Considering Mordo’s new mission and his comic book counterpart’s hostility towards Stephen Strange, this clash really comes as no surprise.

19) Wanda’s Descent into Hell

The last time we saw Wanda was in Episode 9 of WandaVision, and she was sipping a drink before seeing an astral projection of the real Wanda reading the Darkhold. In the background, the voices of their children echoed, calling for help.

In the trailer, Wanda explains during a conversation with Doctor Strange: “You break the rules and become a hero. If I do, I’ll become an enemy. I don’t think that’s normal.” So everything seems to indicate that Wanda could become a potential villain. In the comics, the latter becomes unstable enough to alter reality. In the MCU, the multiverse may ultimately be his only avenue to bring his children (Tommy and Billy) back to life.

20) Enlarge Wanda eyes

The camera then zooms in on Wanda’s eyes and we see what appears to be a scene from an earlier film. It looks like the cages she and Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver) were in in the post-credits scene of Captain America and the Winter Soldier (with two different cages facing each other but separated by a thick wall are).

Maybe Wanda will bring Pietro back to life or even change her own past. Maybe that’s the iconic moment from the House Of M comics (but adapted for the MCU) when Scarlet Witch changes the whole universe and timeline? It’s still too early to tell.

21) strange zombie? Nightmare ?

One of the final shots in the trailer features a disturbing image of what appears to be another twist on Doctor Strange. This Stephen Strange seems to have merged with obscure creatures from another universe, turning him into a zombie. While this is likely a different variant (which could turn out to be even darker and more dangerous than Sinister Strange), some fans are raising the possibility that it’s Cauchemar (Nightmare in VO), the comic book character that could appear in Doctor Strange 2.

Fun Fact: The Super Bowl clip gave us a better picture of the character, here it is:

And if you want to discover all the improbable cameos that we were able to discover in this film that do not appear here in the trailer in question, you can refer to our previous article on the subject.


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