20 Unusual Places to Find Security Cameras

We may be surrounded by cameras all the time, we are all afraid of being spied on. The surveillance cameras we let you discover will throw you back.

20 Unusual Places to Find Hidden Cameras

The hidden cameras we bring you today are worthy of the greatest spy films. In a mug, screw, phone charger, or even bottle of shampoo, you can’t imagine all the places a camera can hide. Some of the cameras featured were found in Airbnbs and other private rentals that are cold in the background …

1) In a USB charger

2) In a frame

3) In a clock radio

4) In a smoke alarm

5) In a screw

6) Still the USB charger, but this time in a Starbucks bathroom

7) In a toilet deodorant

8) In a motion sensor for alarm

9) In a fire nozzle

10) In a smoke alarm

11) In a water bottle

12) In a notebook

13) In a watch (the sensor is at the bottom)

14) In a pen holder (in the middle of the green sticker)

15) in the cap of a cup

16) In a USB stick

17) In a shampoo bottle

18) In a cloakroom

19) In a multiple socket outlet

20) in an electric shaver

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