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20 surprising and little-known facts about the human body

Do you think you know everything about the human body? You are wrong ! Yes, it is so complex that even the most determined scientists cannot solve all of its puzzles.

Whether it’s about brain activity after death, how our skeletons work, or the strange reactions of our immune system, examining our bodies is full of mysteries that have yet to be explored.

We therefore invite you to discover the human body thanks to 20 surprising facts that you certainly do not know but that still occupy you more than ever. Let’s go !

# 1 The strength of your muscles is limited by your brain

Your brain regulates the strength of your muscles. If the muscles in your legs contracted to the maximum, they would break the femur. Because of this, some people may carry heavier loads than usual under the action of adrenaline.

# 2 After death, the brain cells stay active for up to 48 hours

When the brain is no longer supplied with blood, it takes about 10 minutes for the central nervous system to shut down for good. However, this lapse of time corresponds to a final electrical variation of the encephalogram and not to the progressive shutdown of the neurons!

This means that certain brain cells remain active for a few hours after a cardiac arrest. Studying these cells could also help find more effective treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

# 3 Some people naturally have a “snake tongue”

This type of deformity, known as the bifid tongue, can occur in some people with Robinow or orofacio-digital syndrome. For other people, it is simply an aesthetic effect that is achieved after surgery and is known as “splitting the tongue”.

# 4 On average, the human brain can remember nearly 5,000 faces

These memorization skills vary from person to person. Some can remember a thousand faces, others nearly ten thousand. In addition, 40% of these well-known portraits belong to personalities rather than acquaintances.

# 5 There are more bacteria in a mouth than there are people on earth

We see you coming with your disgusted pout: you brush your teeth like a madman who can’t change anything! A single tooth has up to 100,000 bacteria. The roof of the mouth, tongue and saliva have billions of them all to themselves. However, this isn’t a big deal: most of them are good bacteria.

# 6 Recognizing the taste is even faster than blinking.

The body can recognize the taste in 0.0015 seconds. Knowing that a wink lasts 0.10 seconds

# 7 Much like fingerprints, the human tongue has its own print.

It is easy to understand that this option was not chosen for identity cards.

# 8 Scars are not made of “permanent” tissue.

Since scars work in an emergency situation, scars are mostly made up of collagen. Despite their durability, they are in a constant state of repair. In the case of temporary scars, the state of health therefore has a major influence on the repair process. A vitamin C deficiency or an infection can delay this, for example.

# 9 Your breathing temperature varies in your words

When you exhale air and say “haaaah” your breath temperature is hot, but when you do so by saying “hoooh” it gets cold. (This statement is sponsored by the Association of Anonymous Onomatopoeia Fans.)

This can be explained by the fact that in the second option, the exhaust air comes from the mouth. While in the first case the air comes out of the lungs, which is 37 ° C.

# 10 The heartbeat speeds up on contact with hot water

Depending on the ambient air temperature, this also applies outside the water. The heart rate is lower in cold water than in hot water because the high temperatures cause vasoconstriction of the blood vessels.

Therefore, as you understood, this requires a greater flow of blood to feed everything.

# 11 Most reflexes are failing your brain

The sensation of pain is transmitted through the spinal cord, and the spinal cord sends signals to your limbs for muscle movement.

Therefore the reflex system is variable. Kind of like when you quickly move your hand away from a source of heat after a burn and find that the pain doesn’t come right away.

# 12 The largest bone in the human body is the femur

It is capable of supporting a person’s body 30 times. It’s also the longest bone and a quarter the size of an adult.

# 13 A person’s ears and nose keep growing

Please note: this does not mean that they are growing, but that they are elongating. The explanation is very simple and lies in the fact that over time the skin naturally relaxes. Wrinkles are therefore not the only indicators of aging.

# 14 If a human’s DNA were to be unwound, it would stretch for nearly 10 billion kilometers

A distance roughly the same as the distance between Earth and Pluto. Yes: The human body consists of 6×10 to the power of 13 cells. Fortunately for our size, the DNA in the nucleus of all these cells is firmly contained in the chromosomes.

# 15 A human could breathe a liquid if it were saturated with oxygen and contained carbon dioxide

Studies in this direction have been carried out for several years, particularly to solve pressure problems during deep dives. This process, known as “fluid ventilation”, would restore breathing conditions in the womb.

Unfortunately, the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide used should be so precise that it would be inconceivable to let even the smallest mistake happen. In addition, the density of the liquid is much greater than that of air. It would be exhausting to breathe like this for more than a quarter of an hour. Not to mention that filling your lungs with fluids is extremely dangerous.

# 16 Hyoid bone is bone that is not attached to any other bone in the human body.

This is located in the front part of the neck, at the base of the tongue and just above the larynx.

# 17 Newborn babies can break their collarbones during childbirth

1% of 2% of newborns develop fractures at birth. Sometimes they aren’t recognized until a few days later, when a mass of tissue forms around the fracture. However, it heals after a few weeks.

# 18 Alzheimer’s is not just an invisible memory loss, it’s a substance in its own right

Alzheimer’s is caused by the protein TAU, which accumulates in the brain and causes cell functions to break down. Result: It is possible to find this protein in the cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that surrounds the brain.

# 19 A pregnant woman’s immune system with negative blood type attacks the fetus when the fetus has a positive blood type.

This situation can lead to the death of the child. To prevent this from happening, the mother must be given an injection of antibodies. However, women with a positive blood type will have no problem if their child has a negative blood type.

# 20 You will die sooner from lack of sleep than from not eating

Depending on your resources, you can go without food for several weeks. On the other hand, it is impossible to live longer than two weeks without taking a nap.


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