20 pop culture testimonials you may never have noticed


My Hero Academia is what can easily be called global success. This manga, which was rejected in animations and films, knew how to stand out from its conquerors thanks to its superhero-like universe.

20 nods from the My Hero Academia series

When creating his masterpiece, Kôhei Horikoshi did not start from scratch. The mangaka was pricked to the right and left a few little ideas for inspiration. That is why we can say that My Hero Academia pays real homage to pop culture. Through some of its characters and even many scenes from the paper work or anime, the manga offers us an incredible array of references of all kinds. In line of sight we can quote the Marvel and DC superhero comics, but also other very popular manga .. .

1) Our superheroes exist in this universe

My Hero Academia gives an exclusive paper look at some of the most famous vigilante groups in our world. It is then possible to see Spider-Man, Superman, or even Japanese heroes like Ultraman.

This casts doubt on the existence of these superheroes in the fictional universe of My Hero Academia …

2) A memorable duo attack

In Dragon Ball Z, everyone is talking about a legendary scene. At this moment in the anthology, Son Gohan launches a devastating Kamehameha, aided by the strength of his late father.

This sequence also seems to have shaped the memories of Kôhei Horikoshi. In the ultimate battle of the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Izuku and All-Might use their terrifying Detroit Smash as a duo. This barely hidden wink should please a certain Akira Toriyama …

3) All-Might, the perfect mix between Marvel and DC

If All-Might seems so clichéd, it’s mainly because it’s inspired by our greatest hero characters. He draws his incredible power from Superman’s side, as well as his number 1 status among all existing superheroes.

He can also be compared to Marvel and Captain America. Much like Steve Rogers, All-Might possesses superhuman abilities, although he was not born with such power.

4) Disney exists in the manga

Marvel superheroes aren’t the only ones who exist in the manga. In fact, the Disney company is also present in the world of MHA. Hagakure also refers to the company’s park parade when it causes a party to be organized.

5) The similarity between Shoto and Zuko

Shoto Todoroki and Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender have more in common than just a scar on their left eye. The boys are both proficient in the element of fire and have a fairly confrontational relationship with their father.

6) Comic covers are wrong

Kôhei Horikoshi understood this well, to do the best as much as possible, to be inspired by the best. So the mangaka relied on the covers of Marvel comics for inspiration. His main reference: Ultimate Spider-Man, a series that borrows well from the young and talented side of its hero’s apprentices.

7) A fan who tells us something …

Many MHA enthusiasts reported a disturbing demeanor in episodes 87 and 88 of the anime. This is an Endeavor fan who has pink hair and is wearing a bandana.

For them there is no doubt, it is obviously a nod to the character of Natsu Dragnir, one of the heroes of Fairy Tail.

8) Momo’s costume

Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the most valued students of the second A. Her outfit, quite depressed, but refers to a character far less dear to fans. This one is inspired by the costume of Wanderer, a super villain of the DC Comics universe.

9) The shield is also available in MHA

How do you actually pay homage to Marvel without mentioning one of its greatest creations? New characters appear in the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Both are surnamed “Shield” and their main purpose is to help professional heroes.

10) Tokoyami’s peculiarity

It is evident that Kôhei Horikoshi was inspired by JoJo’s booth concept to create Tokoyami’s Quirk. What’s a little less is the form Dark Shadow takes when the apprentice’s hero loses control. The emanation then offers an appearance that comes much closer to the “Beast of Darkness” of the Manga Berserk.

11) Bane’s mask

The sneaky Himiko Toga mask appears to be a replica of the mask worn by the vicious Bane in the DC Comics films.

12) Mei Hatsune: The new Tony Stark

Mei Hatsune has a lot more in common with the billionaire than you might think. Not only do the two characters share the same technical genius, but they also seem to have similar design ideas.

Indeed, one MHA scene openly refers to the film Iron Man 2. In it, engineer Hatsune equips Izuku with armor that is very reminiscent of one worn by Tony Stark in the film. The craziest thing is that the two sequences end the same way …

13) Shoji and Parasite

Shoji is arguably one of Yuei’s weirdest Quirk students. He can clone any part of his body to the ends of his arms. A talent that is reminiscent of what can be found in the manga parasite.

14) Twice a concentrate of madness

The evil Twice is very often equated with Marvel’s antihero Deadpool. It must be said that the resemblance between the two characters goes well beyond their design … The two share a sacred complexity and sense of humor of their own.

Rorschach is also referred to twice. In a scene from the anime, the viewer attends a monologue by the villain about the corruption of our world, who does not remember the words of the man masked by Watchmen.

15) the best of manga and comics

Because of its laser age, Aoyama is often compared to Cyclops of the X-Men. Another source of inspiration is the creation of this extravagant character. This is Rudol von Stroheim from JoJo. The two characters occupy the exact same position if they decide to take action.

16) MHA ninjas

Connecting a ninja to the Naruto series means connecting a little too easily, you will tell me. However, when we know that Masashi Kishimito, the man behind the universe of Naruto, regards My Hero Academia as the worthy successor to his manga, it all becomes very coherent …

17) the fawn

Jurota Shishida’s supporting character is another nod to the X-Men series. The hero’s apprentice not only closely resembles the beast, but also appears to have the same set of teeth as the mutant (protruding lower canine). The name of his quirk is also identical to the original name of the superhero (Beast).

18) Symbolic t-shirts

It’s not uncommon to see Marvel superhero t-shirts in My Hero Academia. Rikido Sato, for example, honors Tony Stark and his reactor embedded in his chest, while Bakugo prefers to adorn himself with a tall skull, the symbol of the Punisher.

19) Spidy’s relief

Tsuyu Asui is a cute mix of Toad and Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. With the first she shares her strange batrachian powers. However, she eyes Spider-Man when it comes to his moves and fighting stances.

20) Rikiya as a wild card

How can you talk about pop culture without mentioning one of its strongest emblems? The famous Joker also has its counterpart in the world of MHA. This is the CEO of Detnerat, also known as Rikiya Yotsubashi.

The man resumes the super villain’s facial expressions and gestures. Some of his scenes are also very similar to the comics The Killing Joke.