The ecological crisis is a sad reality, the symptoms of which are increasingly visible in our society. As these 30 impressive photos show the insane heat that reigns on our planet. A French artist enjoyed creating illustrations with pop culture characters facing the ecological catastrophe.

Superman, Ariel, Bambi and the ecological crisis

The artist behind these illustrations is a young Frenchman who can be seen on Instagram under the pseudonym The Baptman. Baptiste Drausin, real name, is self-taught, fan of the DC Universe and ecological activist. As early as 2018 he shared sketches of drawings on his Instagram account, today he offers high-quality and colored illustrations that are worthy of cartoons.

Baptiste Drausin shares his illustrations in social networks in which he imagines how public figures or figures from popular culture would react to the ecological catastrophe.

# 1 Superman and the melting glaciers

# 2 Snow White and pesticides

# 3 Donald Duck, force-feeding, and foie gras

# 4 Godzilla vs. plastic

# 5 Star Wars

– Dad can I have this droid?

– No Ben! You still have your R2D2 which works great.

– But dad, this is better!

– Do you really think Naboo’s resources are endless?

– You will regret this decision …

– Oh dear father, you will regret that!

# 6 Mowgli and the extinct species

# 7 Lilo & Stitch and plastic pollution

# 8 Wall-E and politics

The world’s leaders believe that there is no such thing as a climate emergency.

# 9 Pinocchio and plastic

# 10 Winnie the Pooh and the bee extinction

# 11 Bambi and deforestation

# 12 The beast and animal testing

# 13 Santa Claus and global warming

Christmas is finally here!

I have the impression that this year is a little different …

But I can’t see what …

# 14 Mary Poppins and pollution

# 15 Dumbo and mass tourism

# 16 Ariel and the waste of the ocean

# 17 Wonder Woman and mass tourism

# 18 Ariel and the oil spill

– Max, what did you find? Oh my gosh !

– Help me!

# 19 The Titanic and global warming

Oh my god, a huge iceberg!

Prepare for impact, Billy.

# 20 The Lion King and the Hunt

– Look at Simba, whatever touches the light is our kingdom.

– Wha …

– The time of a king as ruler develops like the sun …

– Perfect shot! Take a picture of me!

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