20 pictures that denounce the excesses of our society


The Italian artist, known on Instagram under the pseudonym Micc, offers a critical view of society with his digital works of art. The young man presents himself as an artist who likes to provoke others, especially when they are old.

Acts to provoke

Micc is an Italian artist who loves to stimulate and stimulate thought in people who watch his work. With his works he denounces the abuses that can occur in certain areas of our society such as capitalism, religion, immigration, politics, social networks and many others.

His artistic work is enriched and influenced by his experience as an artistic director in the field of advertising. And the last works are characterized by the use of 3D technology, some are also animated. Finally, note that the artist is self-taught in this area.

# 1

“For a week, I saved all of the ads that appeared on the websites I visited. Right-click and save the image.”

# 2 “Art in networks is like milk”

“Social media art is something that dies too quickly and doesn’t get too much attention. Social media art has an expiration date, like milk.”

# 3 “Toxic Thoughts, Toxic People, Toxic Comments”

# 4 “Health has become a luxury”

# 5 “The tinder machine”

“How I see Tinder users these days”

# 6 “sensitive content”

# 7 “Unfortunately you cannot log out”

“How come we’re being robbed of the same content all the time?”

# 8 “Daily Limbo”

# 9 “nothing special”

# 10 “The most popular carousel ride of European money”

Ability to view the animated version of this work on the artist’s Instagram account.

# 11 “the capitalist eye”

“You get the same feeling when you realize that two bags of different brands were made together.”

# 12 “The media pillory”

# 13 “Liar Stories”

# 14 “The polluted sea in the garbage”

# 15 “plastic”

# 16 Pietà in a survival blanket

“The situation in the European seas is becoming more and more tragic. In my country, Italy, people without a culture are becoming more and more racist and place their religion in the foreground of their culture.”

# 17 Christmas crisis 2020

# 18 “itchy and scratchy”

# 19 “love yourself”

# 20 “Jesus”

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